Dark Chocolate as Health Food: God is Good!

Eat and be Healthy

Great news for all us dark chocolate addicts.  More medical evidence that this delicious and nutritious treat is good for the body.  At the Annual Meeting of the European Association for Liver Studies, new research was presented that shows dark chocolate improves liver function.  Well, we knew it was rich in anti-oxidants and helped to reduce risks of heart attack and stroke but now it has been shown to improve the functioning of diseased livers.

But don’t expect to find the same health benefits in milk chocolate.  All you’ll get from a milk chocolate treat is sugar calories.  So if you’re prone to indulge, choose the dark goddess.

Dark chocolate reduces damage to the blood vessels in patients who have suffered scarring on the liver due to excessive drinking or disease, new studies have found.  It also reduces blood pressure in the liver as it contains high levels of anti-oxidants which mop of damaging particles from the body.

But you can’t eat just any so-called dark chocolate.  Make sure your chosen bar contains at least 70% cacao.  Trader Joe’s sells bars with up to 85% cacao for under $2.00.  Whole Foods sells good dark chocolate too, but you’ll pay through the nose for it.

Indulge.  It’s good for you.

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