Muslims Who Attacked Gays Are Going Free

Hit me with your best shot!

The Hate Crime Hustle. The three Muslims charged with attacking gay men in San Francisco by shooting them in the face with a BB gun during a violence spree back in February will be getting off with an apologetic tap on the wrist.

A deal put together by the District Attorney’s office has been offered to these Muslim martyrs and will supposedly allow these thugs to walk away free and clear.  Despite shooting a dozen gay men in the face and video-taping the attacks, despite deliberately traveling to San Francisco for the expressed purpose of committing a ‘hate’ crime against what used to be San Francisco’s super sacrosanct victim group, these Islamic hooligans will be allowed to perform community service in lieu of jail time.

The judge in the case, Bruce Chan, ordered a delay for the defendants in entering their plea to ‘see if a resolution that would meet all the interests of the communities and the parties involved’ could be reached.  So now these Muslim mobsters are just one of the ‘parties’ involved whose ‘interests’ need resolving?  Just when did the judicial system declare that defendants who are accused of violent acts are simply parties to unfortunate incidents that need resolution?  Perhaps they should call in a mediator so that a warm and fuzzy win-win kum bay ya climax can be reached.

The District Attorney, Victor Hwang, stated that the offer was made to the defendants after consultation with the local ‘hate crime coalition’.  The offer takes into consideration the age of the defendants, their remorse, and their cooperation.  Their age?  They’re in their 20s; they’re grown men, for gosh sakes, fully responsible for their actions.  Remorse?  Of course they’re showing remorse—they’ve been caught and incarcerated!  What a pathetic political sham!

Can anyone imagine community service offered to non-Muslim white guys for attacking gay men?  Can anyone imagine the media keeping mum if white guys had committed such crimes?  We all know the Left-wing media would be crawling all over this story, looking for any connection to a Tea Party group, the Republican Party, Christianity, or any other of their proscribed affiliations.

And don’t expect to find this news story on any of the so-called gay news sites.  The Advocate is too busy headlining the anti-gay graffiti found at Oregon University and the next marriage of Liz Taylor to be bothered about a little Muslim mayhem.  What the heck, if some of us must be sacrificed for the greater glory of the overarching Left-wing agenda, so what?!  If a few gay guys have to take it in the face for us to show our solidarity with the new victors of the victim-hood sweepstakes then, as the song goes: hit me with your best shot!

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14 Responses to Muslims Who Attacked Gays Are Going Free

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  4. Being a former Muslim (now an atheist), I have nothing but contempt for the “religion of peace”. I think some on the left are slowly coming around, but just like some of the wackos on the right, there will always be those who will not be convinced by the facts.
    I say ship the DA and the judge off to Iran and let them live there.

  5. Rycher says:

    In the years to come it will be very interesting to see how the political left deals with islamic homophobia. They won’t be able to ignore it for very long. I see a major rift forming on the left because of it. Bruce Bawer is a good example of it.

    • I agree, Rycher. But right now, so many gay/lesbians are still in denial, as are the so-called feminists on the Left. Bruce’s book, Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom should be a must read for all gays/lesbians.

  6. moriah says:

    Left continues to ignore the real time threat of radical Islam, choosing to overlook the fact homosexuals are hung in Iran, thrown off high buildings in Saudi Arabia and murdered all over Iraq and the middle east. G-d forbid they ever gain any kind of real power in this country. There would be a easy- pickens Holocaust starting in L.A working up the coast. There’s a sickness permeating the West and it’s called Political Correctness. Because of its stupefying power over people, murder, honor killing are FGM are totally ignored. Truth does not exist in this land of celebrity worship, vanity, food and orgasms. G-d help us!

  7. This is truly shocking and shows how far we have sunk as a culture. This leaning toward special consideration for Muslims – even when they are shooting at people!!!! – shows our rights are truly slipping away (not to mention brain cells of those making these lame court decisions!) This is why I am against the “hate crime” genre of prosecuting things. Crimes are crimes. Keep it clear and simple – We just don’t shoot people, no matter ht the reason (except, of course, self defense).

    I am a woman. I’m straight but I have gay friends and relatives…And with this advance of sympathy toward Muslims – even when they are shooting gays in San Francisco, of all places, tells me the rights of women in general are at very serious risk. Women unite! I was shocked at the attitude coming from authorities in SF. If SF does not protect the right of gays for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, who will? In this case – being a Muslim shooter trumps being a gay man simply walking down the street. YIKES!
    That means it will also trumps lots of other things too.
    We must wake up now!

  8. Rycher says:

    I wonder if the political Left can be relied on by gays in the years to come, given the increasing homophobic acts of foreign peoples.

  9. moriah says:

    This is why Liberalism is mental disorder. I would never be set free if I shot a BB at a Muslim -and even stated out loud that was my intention the entire time. I hope the judge has a feel-food wet dream about what a nice guy he is. Homosexuals should understand where they stand within Islam – it’s not in the middle of a cocktail party it’s on the gallows….wise up!

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  11. Glen Amos says:

    This really ticks me off! Sadly, it does not surprise me.

    On the lighter side of life, my book was released by Amazon yesterday. It has sold more copies since being released than either Grapes of Wrath or For Who the Bell Tolls during that same time period. In fact, it was ranked as Amazon’s #18,553 largest selling book as of an hour ago.

    Please buy a copy and help me climb the ladder of literary giants. It is called American Revolution 2010 – A Tea Party Patriot’s Call to Arms.

    Love your work. Keep it up.

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