William Ayers at Pitt: Where The Heck Were The Protestors?

College Professor in Training

The scheduled appearance of the aging home-grown bomber, William Ayers at the University of Pittsburgh, drew approximately 150 students all agog to hear the guru of progressive educational propaganda.  Although this event sparked a few concerned calls to the university, no protesters were on hand to greet the Left-wing Yuppi Terrorist.

Approximately 150 students gathered for Ayers’ keynote speech at the Spring Conference for the Council of Graduate Students in Education at Pitt.  The university played down the event, keeping it low key and not advertising the exact time of Ayers arrival.  Apparently, no one noticed the police standing guard at the campus entrance.

And Bomber Bill hasn’t been the only Lefty mass murderer wannabe to speak to students on campus at Pitt.  Last month, Mark Rudd, the former leader back in the 1960s of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Weather Underground, gave a consciousness-raising chat to about 100 wide-eyed young adults.  This illustrious event was hosted by the new and improved SDS.  Yep, it’s still alive and well and breeding on campus.

It’s nice to know that a few folks bothered to call the University of Pittsburgh and share their concerns about this taxpayer supported institution allowing such garbage onto school property.  But Big Education has nothing but contempt for the common folk who levied those complaints.

For Big Ed, those Left-wing home boys can do no wrong.   Heck, if Timothy McVeigh had identified himself with some Left-of-Center fringe group when he bombed the Murrah building in Oklahoma City killing 168 people including 19 kids in a day care center, some Left-leaning judge would have gotten him off on technicalities and he’d now be a full professor at some swank Ivy League college preaching his social justice gibberish to a new generation of gullible jerks.

So I ask again: where the heck were the protesters?

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