Renaming the English Channel: Le Pond?

The Progressive Manifesto

The One World Order is taking another step forward with the creation of a phantom EU superstate.  By drawing up new maps to be distributed to schools across the European Union, the EU bureaucrats hope to obliterate national boundaries and national identities.

Eurocrats want to ‘foster cultural identification between regions and encourage greater integration’ by wiping out country names and erasing historical geographic landmarks. Under this Brave New Scheme, the English Channel would be renamed the Anglo-French Pond.  Southern England and Northern France would be called the TransManche Zone.  And poor old Scotland, along with parts of Norway, Greenland, Iceland, and Finland, would get dumped into the Northern Periphery category.

The Tories have accused the Labor Party of attempting to eradicate British history and have pledged to put an end to this annihilation of the British archetype once they’re in the driver’s seat after national elections.

Does one see a pattern here, similarities between the Eurocrat denigration of British and European significance and the American self-abasement campaign of the Obama regime?  Eradicating national identity, deconstructing historical symbols, smashing cultural icons, wiping clean the communal mind to lay it bare for the great global glob of homogeneity.  The Marxist minimalist approach to saving humanity from its own devices.  And of course, the self-appointed saviors will indeed be those collegial intellectuals with their worker bee lackeys, the community activists and the bureaucratic social workers, all imbued with the ideological wisdom of the One World, One Way global gospel.  Onward, Left-wing soldier!

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  1. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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