UK Conservatives Pledge NHS Shakeup

David Cameron, whose Conservative Party is looking for a victory over Gordon Brown’s Labor Party, has pledged to revamp the British National Health Service and its drug pricing system.  Following numerous media reports regarding the rationing of crucial cancer drugs to the British public, Cameron vowed to lift the NHS block on life-saving treatments that are currently either not made available to patients or are severely restricted.

David Cameron stated that if a physician feels their patient needs a specific drug treatment then that treatment should be made available to them.

Other European countries are doing better than us at giving people longer, happier lives with cancer. We want to get more drugs to people more quickly and in the UK today there are some people – thousands of people – who want a certain cancer drug, whose doctors tell them they should have a certain cancer drug, who don’t get it.

The Conservative Party has promised to initiate a system of value-based pricing.  The goal of value-based pricing is to align price with the specific value delivered. Metrics such as number of users and the value per users, number of annual transactions and the value per transaction, the amount of revenues and the impact on revenues, cost savings, or other measurements are all used to set prices for individual customers.

But I think it will take more than just pricing realignment to get at the heart of the healthcare debacle in Britain.  The rationing of cancer drugs is just one of many ways the NHS stumbles along trying to make ends meet.  But more folks are getting tired of taking whatever White Hall happens to dish out.  And the rumblings of change are favoring the Conservatives for now.

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