Rationing Cancer Drugs: Welcome to Our Future

Cancer patients in the UK are being denied access to 15 cancer drugs, drugs that have the potential to extend their lives by months and in some cases, years.  And why would the British National Health Service deny their citizens life-saving treatments?  The answer is simple: the NHS says it can’t afford them.

25% of all cancer drugs that have been developed since 2008 have been totally blocked by the National Health Service and many other drugs have been ‘heavily restricted’.  It’s reported that up to 20,000 cancer patients have died needlessly for want of proper drug treatments.  Drugs such as Avastin and Nexavar, which are the only treatments available for advanced liver cancer, have been rejected in the UK solely due to cost even though these drugs are used widely around the globe.

Other life-saving drugs have been restricted, which means that Big Daddy government decides under what specific conditions the drug may be given to a patient.  For example, the drug Erbitux can only be given to patients whose liver cancer is localized.  If the cancer has spread, physicians are forbidden to offer the treatment.  In other words, those folks whose liver cancer is spreading are written off by Big Government.  They’re simply left to die.  Talk about a government Death Panel.

And it’s not just cancer drugs–one third of all new drugs were denied for the NHS system last year.  Keep in mind that 88% of the British populace are dependent on the NHS for their primary and specialized care.

So is this the brave new world of healthcare the Lefties have in store for us?  Bureaucracy and waste, long waiting periods and second rate care, denied treatments and death sentences?

The great governmental elixir of Obama’s New Jerusalem.  God help us.

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