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Masochistic Masturbation: The Self-Hatred Schtick

As the European penchant for self-flagellation and smug self-hatred runs amok within the blighted birthplace of Western civilization, across the pond here in the good old USA, the cultish copycat EUphoria frenzy is in full swing. Continue reading

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Muslim Mafia and the Left

The Left doesn’t fear violence from the Tea Party: it prays for it. And I use the word ‘pray’ in its alternative, non-affiliated, secular sense, of course. Isolated acts of violence perpetrated by right-leaning white guys are like political manna rained down from a progressive providence. Continue reading

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Mohammed’s Coming Out Party

The Comedy Central controversy over their censoring of a South Park episode that portrayed the religious leader Mohammed in a bear suit has sparked the creation of the first Everybody Draw Mohammed Day or as I like to think of this very special occasion, Mohammed’s Coming Out Party. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day will be celebrated on Thursday, May 20th. Continue reading

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Earth Day, Lenin, and Ira Einhorn

It’s a Happening, Man! Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22nd which coincidentally turns out to be the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the progenitor of the Russian communist revolution. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 during the heyday of the drug-infested counter-culture, just when the depiction of America as Archfiend was grinding into high gear. Continue reading

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Bisexual Men Sue Gay Group: The Inclusion Dilemma

Three bisexual men are suing the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance claiming they were discriminated against during a gay softball world series in Seattle two years ago. Continue reading

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America Tilts Right

An interesting poll conducted by the Investor’s Business Daily in early April finds that most Americans are leaning in the opposite political direction from their progressively bent president. Continue reading

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Gays Heckle Obama

At a Barbara Boxer fundraiser on Monday evening in California, gay protesters in the audience interrupted Obama’s speech by shouting: What about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Continue reading

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School’s Spy Cams Took Thousands of Photos

The school laptop spy scandal at the Lower Merion school district along the Main Line just keeps getting worse for School Board President, David Ebby. Continue reading

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GOProud, Anti-Gay Islam, and Tom Campbell

GOProud, the only gay/lesbian organization that seems to understand the threat to gays and lesbians posed by radical Islam, is coming out swinging in the California Republican senatorial race. Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate as Health Food: God is Good!

Great news for all us dark chocolate addicts. More medical evidence that this delicious and nutritious treat is good for the body. Continue reading

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Attempt to Repeal Proposition 8 Fails

The attempt to get the 700,000 voter signatures required to put the repeal of Proposition 8 on the California ballot in November has failed. The signature campaign was spearheaded by Restore Equity California, a breakaway group that clashed with Equity California, one of the largest gay/lesbian civil rights organizations in the state, over the timing of the ballot initiative. Continue reading

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Muslims Who Attacked Gays Are Going Free

The Hate Crime Hustle. The three Muslims charged with attacking gay men in San Francisco by shooting them in the face with a BB gun during a violence spree back in March will be getting off with an apologetic tap on the wrist. Continue reading

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William Ayers at Pitt: Where The Heck Were The Protestors?

The scheduled appearance of the aging home-grown bomber, William Ayers at the University of Pittsburgh, drew approximately 150 students all agog to hear the guru of progressive educational propaganda. Although this event sparked a few concern calls to the university, no protesters were on hand to greet the Left-wing Yuppi Terrorist. Continue reading

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Pope Strikes Back: Dispatches Opus Dei to LA LA Land

A clerical member of the orthodox Catholic organization, Opus Dei, has been appointed as the next Archbishop of the diocese of Los Angeles. Pope Bendict XVI has named Archbishop Jose Gomez, formerly the Archbishop of San Antonio, as the new head of the scandal-ridden LA diocese. Continue reading

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Phillies Beat Obama

Oh, what a great day for a ball game! Obama threw out the first pitch down in Washington DC and cheered his local team to an 11 – 1 defeat. Continue reading

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Renaming the English Channel: Le Pond?

The One World Order is taking another step forward with the creation of a phantom EU superstate. By drawing up new maps to be distributed to schools across the European Union, the EU bureaucrats hope to obliterate national boundaries and national identities. Continue reading

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Voices from the Left: Tea Party is Mainstream

Through all the shrieking propaganda, through all the screaming lies and slander, a few sober and moderated voices on the Left are finally being raised. Continue reading

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UK Conservatives Pledge NHS Shakeup

David Cameron, whose Conservative Party is looking for a victory over Gordon Brown’s Labor Party, has pledged to revamp the British National Health Service and its drug pricing system. Continue reading

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Rationing Cancer Drugs: Welcome to Our Future

Cancer patients in the UK are being denied access to 15 cancer drugs, drugs that have the potential to extend their lives by months and in some cases, years. And why would the British National Health Service deny their citizens life-saving treatments? The answer is simple: the NHS says it can’t afford them. Continue reading

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