Muslims Halt International Gay Conference

The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) had planned to hold its Asia conference  in Java this weekend.  However, protests by Muslim groups outside the hotel hosting the conference forced conference organizers to cancel the event.

The ILGA conference was booked at the Grand Mercure Hotel in the city of Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia.  City officials had initially granted permission for the ILGA event but when about 60 protesters from the Islamic Defender Front and the Islamic Communication Forum surrounded the hotel, the police recommended cancellation.

A member of the Islamic Defender Front described the lesbian and gay participants at the conference as “moral terrorists” who should be banned from the island.

Victim, victim, who is the victim?

An interesting dilemma for the Left-wing lads.  But what happens to lesbians and gays while the Victim Vigilantes try to unravel this cultural contortion of their own creation?

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3 Responses to Muslims Halt International Gay Conference

  1. Glen Amos says:

    The Islamic Defender Front, that sounds innocuous. Their stated goal was to stop “moral terrorists.” Who wouldn’t want to stop “moral terrorist”?

    The IDF kind of makes me wonder about President Obama’s new national security force “that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as our military. What could possibly go wrong with such a noble idea? Then, when the government passes the “Fairness Doctrine” and shuts down all opposing views, perhaps our country will be free of these dangerous moral terrorist?

    Wait a second. I foresee potential problems. Exactly what is the definition of a moral terrorist? Is it based on sexual orientation, religious preference, skin color, eye color, political party? Would I have to become a New York Yankees fan? Hey, what if the definition of “moral terrorist” is like the Constitution (according to progressives) and subject to interruption by those in power at the time; a living document of definitions.

    This could become problematic. No, this could never happen here. Although, President Obama’s buddy and Manufacturing Czar, Ron Bloom, did say of the administration, “We kind of agree with Mao that political power largely comes from the end of a gun.”

    So, was the action of the IDF in Surabaya a precursor of what we can expect here if our Constitution continues to be shredded by progressives?

    • Glen,

      I agree, definitions are key in this war of semantics played by the Left and their ‘victim’ groups. That Muslim demonstrator in Java was hip to that when he used the ultimate descriptor of violence to define lesbians and gays. That’s why alternative media is so very important in our struggle.

      Progressive hegemony depends on each ‘victim’ group playing their part in the overall give me game and never challenging another ‘victim’ group. The deal is that if they all play nice in the sandbox, then everyone wins. Each group will get their special perks, handouts, and other special status goodies. But Islamic fanatics are a bumptious and unruly lot, not exactly prone to compromise and they don’t really play nice with the other kiddies. Tolerance and live-and-let-live, well, not really their thing.

      So all those women, sexual minorities, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, pagans of any stripe, Hollywood types, teachers, and basically anyone living a modern, self-directed life would be on their hit list. Progressives are cozying up to a very dangerous ‘victim’ group. It sort of reminds me of all those sci-fi movies from the 50s where the scientific/intellectual types want to befriend the creature from outer space because it has so much to teach us, while the ordinary Joe and Jane instinctively know the truth: it’s here to destroy us!

      • Dena says:

        LOL There was a movie years ago, which I can’t remember the name, where space aliens infiltrated our societies and took on our cultures, way of dressing, language…they were just like regular earthlings, but somehow only a special pair of glasses allowed one to see the alien inside. I believe one alien was President, but anyway the regular Joes were brainwashed by these creatures. Liberal progressives remind me of the movie. they are like zombies, as if something sinister has taken over themj all, lol, but I really laughed at the ‘play in the sandbox together’ analogy. That was spot-on.

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