Women’s History Month: The Role Model Racket

Jihad Jane: Progressive Woman of the Future?

If it’s March, then it must be Women’s History Month, that once a year sop to the preselected sorority of properly vetted vamps and vixens who successfully jettisoned the patriarchal drag of gender stereotyping.  Our annual pageant of female feats of courage and creativity carefully crafted by the cherry picking of politically correct and whitewashed role models.  A slivered and slanted celebration, indeed!

I just couldn’t let the month of March whiz by without offering my personal salute to the distaff dames of history while thumbing my nose in defiance at all those self-appointed guardians of progressively permissible girl power. I disparage not the talent and attainment of the currently culturally correct females, those chosen poppets of proper womanhood who hankered after their hearts’ desire and in so doing earned the high and mighty hallmark of the feminist foot soldier.

But our great tide of glorious womankind rises far above the briny backwash of such contemporary out-of-context promotional propaganda.  So let us raise a glass to the female facet that flies in the face of all that matriarchal malarkey.

* Let us honor the everyday woman, the nobody from nowhere, living her life with grit and guts from one hard-earned paycheck to another.

* Give praise to the stay-at-home mom, that dangerous outlaw flaunting the only truly alternative lifestyle left in this postmodern muddle.

* Tip your hat to the high achievers who fell from feminist favor or thankfully never got near it.  Three cheers for Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher!

* Let us not forget the wounded refugees from the deadly dialectics of distaff dominance.  Here’s to you, Abby Johnson.

* All hail our conservative sisters in the glare of the TV spotlight!  They who suffer the slings and arrows of an arrogant misogynist media.  Thumbs-up for Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann!

* A sincere salute to conservative women bloggers, those feisty and fearless fighters giving clear voice to our country’s constitutional values.

* And a clap of hands for conservative lesbians.  Taking fire from all sides but taking crap from no one.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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