How Do Lesbians Identify Politically?

Are the majority of lesbians all Left-leaning socialists and Obama worshipers? That’s certainly what one would think looking at the political makeup of the lesbian/gay organizations within our community.  And the liberal/socialist viewpoint certainly seems to dominate within the lesbian networking groups on Yahoo and elsewhere.  But such groups tend to be dominated by a vocal minority and anyone brave enough to stray from the progressive party line is apt to find themselves electronically mugged and muzzled.  So what of the ordinary, everyday dyke, us lowly lezzies who hold no sway at online chat rooms and bear no badge of leadership laurels?

Out of curiosity, I checked out a couple of the online dating sites to see how lesbian women chose to label themselves politically, if at all, and found some surprising results. Excluding the Marxist metro areas of San Francisco and New England, the percentages were surprisingly similar.  Whether living on the East coast, West coast, Mid-West, or the South, the political breakdown ran to a pattern:

  • 8% to 11% identified themselves as Conservative
  • 25% to 36% identified themselves as Liberal
  • 45% to 53% identified themselves as Moderate
  • 13% to 17% decided not to classify themselves politically at all

What I found intriguing here was that the majority of women chose to place themselves in the Moderate category staying clear of the Liberal label.  In a culture saturated with liberal bias and propaganda, the majority of these women saw themselves as middle-of-the-roadsters.  I also wondered if some of the Moderates leaned toward the Conservative side of the spectrum.  Conservative is still a dirty word in the lesbian community, conjuring up images of foam-at-the-mouth right-wingers and culturally backward and uncaring bumpkins.  But apparently Liberal is not the all-embracing mantle of political righteousness that the diva dykes of the lesbian community would have us believe.

So be of good cheer, my conservative sisters.  The winds of change are softly blowing and our moderate cousins may not be that far off course.

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2 Responses to How Do Lesbians Identify Politically?

  1. Kelly Sullivan says:

    What an interesting find! I’m curious as to the age groups within each of these classifications? Ever hear of the phrase, “Democrat when you’re young, Republican when you’re old”?
    I know that in my 20’s I leaned more to the Dem side but eventually joined with the Repub’s til a few years ago, and now I’m Libertarian. And I’m 47 years old. Gah!!, where did the time go!? 😀
    Not to be insulting to Dems, but I feel that they’re a highly idealistic and unrealistic sort…and are usually in their 20’s to early 30’s. They at least get a passing interest in politics if there’s something on the political agenda that affects them directly – like gay marriage, abortion, even smoking to name a few.
    But by the time they hit their mid-30’s, they should know better by then and make the switch over to Repub or Independent! And be out and proud about that!

    • The age range I looked at was from 18 to 65, so covering basically 3 generations. I didn’t expect to see high numbers of women tagging themselves as Conservative but I was surprised by just how many shied away from the Liberal designation. I think there is a shift within the lesbian community away from the far Left dogmas and litmus tests. And more women are open to truly diverse political/social opinions than before

      I think us ‘outsiders’ are gona shake things up a bit.

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