Trash Pickup: In Philly It Could Cost You $300

Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia, in addition to proposing a local tax on soda and other sugary drinks, has also proposed a $300 a year tax on residential properties for trash pickup.  As usual, the City of Brotherly Love is strapped for cash as it continues to shell out a big bulk of its budget on city workers’ salaries and pensions.

The City Council kicked around the Trash Fee proposal yesterday but not one of these yucks mentioned the obvious solution: privatization.  How about privatizing the Streets Department?  How about cutting the city’s payroll and pension costs?  Oh No!  That would effect one of the city’s special interest groups, a unionized interest group, and of course, as most Philadelphians have come to realize, the city is about supporting overpaid governmental deadbeats (and City Hall is loaded with them) rather than actually serving its citizenry.

Now there is yet another reason for middle class folks to pack up and move across the city line into suburbia.  Heck, if you have to pay extra for trash pickup, why not live in a town where you don’t get mugged putting out the trash cans.

Philly is a sink hole: high wage taxes, high sales taxes, sky rocketing car insurance costs, unsafe neighborhoods, schools that resemble prisons…and yet the same old non-solutions put forward year after year.  If you want to see Philly’s future, just look at Detroit.  There’s no place to go but down.

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