Education and Generation Y

It appears we’re not alone in our public education woes.  In Britain, students are graduating dumb and dumber as they leave behind their old school ties and head out into the world of real work.

Blasting the failures of the British public school system, Lucy Neville-Roth, Director of Corporate and Legal Affairs for Tesco, the leading UK grocery chain, declared that high school graduates “believe the world owes them a living”.

Ms. Neville-Roth, one of the highest paid women executives in the UK, didn’t mince her words as she described the typical attitudes of the Generation Y crowd:

If children aren’t learning the importance of discipline at school, or dare I say it, in the family, how can we expect them magically to have learned it by the time they turn up looking for work?…Some seem to think that the world owes them a living.

And Ms. Neville-Roth’s appraisal of the latest crop of Britain’s younger generation is mirrored here in the USA by a recent study published in the Journal of Management.  The study, conducted by Jean Twenge, Professor of Psychology at the University of San Diego, compared the work values of three generations and found that those born in the 1980s placed big value on leisure time, high pay, and high status but expected to work not very hard at all to earn those perks.  A strong sense of entitlement appears to be the overall attitude of the Me, Me, and Only Me Generation.

The study also found that these wide-eyed kiddies are a bit on the delusional side:

They consider themselves in great demand in the job market but are described by bosses as ‘unrealistic’, ‘self-centered’, ‘fickle’, and ‘greedy’.  Many firms said they were turning to oversees recruitment to find staff with a stronger work ethic.

My, my, my.  It looks like Generation Y may have peaked quite early.  No place to go but down, down, down.

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