San Francisco: Gay Man Attacked by Muslims

Three Muslim men have been charged with a hate crime and assault for attacking a gay man in San Francisco.  One of the attackers shot the victim in the face with a BB gun from a moving car while one of his companions videotaped the attack.  When the police apprehended the assailants, they discovered the video recorder in their car.  Investigators believe the victim was targeted because he appeared gay.

Assistant District Attorney, Victor Hwang, hinted that the three Muslim men were involved in other attacks.  One can only assume that the police have found a treasure trove of taped attacks on the assailants’ video recorder.

This story has some strange twists and turns. The attack took place on Friday, February 26th, yet the story didn’t hit the news until Wednesday, March 3rd and the disclosure only occurred when a police officer leaked the story to the media.  There appears to have been a concerted effort to bury this crime from public view.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran with the story on March 3rd, addressing the incident in a short, clipped news piece.  The paper has been mum on the matter ever since, although they certainly have been in a huff over incidents of a hateful nature on the University of California campuses.  One of their headline stories on Sunday asked the simpering question: Why all the hate on campus? The whinge that followed was a lengthy article on various incidents that have upset campus authorities and have perplexed the author of this anguished article, Christina Hoag.  I tried not to laugh aloud when she lamented:

The acts were particularly shocking because they occurred on university campuses, usually considered centers of intellectual enlightenment above acts commonly associated with ignorance.

It seems that when the perpetrators of  ‘hate’ incidents are presumed to be white, and/or christian and/or right-wing, it’s exceedingly natural for the ultra liberal media to rear up on its haughty hind legs and pontificate on the ignominious ignorance of such fretful felonies.  How easy to be so caring and correct when one’s mental template for discerning evil in the world is stamped with the immortal image of the Left-wing’s baleful boogie man: the straight white male.

What we’re seeing in San Francisco is a clash of competing victim groups and a hate crime scenario that doesn’t fit the liberal Left’s stock stereotyping of the good guy and the bad guy.  But I think we’ve been cued loud and clear as to which group out ranks the other in victimhood status.  So let’s hope the attack in San Francisco turns out to be an isolated incident and not a herald of things to come.  Because otherwise, lesbians and gays can expect to find ourselves tossed under that legendary Left-wing bus faster than we can say, jihad.

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3 Responses to San Francisco: Gay Man Attacked by Muslims

  1. Mary says:

    GREAT article, I heard about this attack this past weekend on KSFO. It sickens me and I am appalled that the media especially in SF was not all over this story.

    I feel like I am talking until I am blue in the face about Sharia Law to anyone who will slow down long enough to listen. What is it going to take to get people to wake up?

    Thanks again for the information and well written article.


    Mary Posey

    • The gay community leadership has sold its soul to the Democrat party and the progressive mindset that dominates it. But I think many gays and lesbians are starting to feel a little uneasy about the relationship.

      And thanks for stopping by, Mary.


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