UK Debt: Time To Tax The Food

The socialist utopia, sad to say, comes with a whopping price tag. I know that’s not what our American Lefties want to hear but those spoiled spongers should take a gander at the UK goose that is getting cooked by the United Kingdom’s dynasty of debt.

A 3% to 5% tax on every food item is under serious consideration behind closed Whitehall doors.  The current British VAT (value added tax) stands at 17.5% on all goods and services excluding food, children’s clothing, books, and newspapers, although raising the VAT to 20% is also on the table.  Needless to say, the grocery chains are adamantly opposed to any tax on basic human sustenance, and of course, it’s those folks at the lower end of the economic food chain who will suffer the most when each morsel they consume will first bear the bite of Her Majesty’s governmental gluttony.

As a child, I remember being filled with wonder watching my father inventing money by simply writing checks.  I cared not a hoot about the cold hard reality of debit and credit nor did I dare to fathom my father’s daily working drudge.  As a child, I only had eyes for the magical money that could be had at the signature stroke of a pen.

Big Daddy Dilettantes have never outgrown such infantile sensibilities.  But the piper indeed must be paid no matter what great totalitarian vision may be stamped across those beautifully bounced checks.  And in the UK, these simple words of wisdom from Milton Friedman, economist and Nobel laureate, should ring across Her Majesty’s magical money realm for all to ponder:  There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

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