Green Jobs: Blowing In The Wind

Remember when sun power was all the rage, when the vaulted vision of alternative energy addicts was seen through the spectrum of solar slabs lambasting our US countryside?  Well, I’m sure the rainbow rays of El Sol still retain their bright spot on the green gauge of politically correct illumination.  But now it seems the wafting waves of the wind have begun to outshine all that starry status.

The wind is IN,  the newest highly hyped panacea for all our ornery energy ills: miles and miles of whopping windmills populating our pristine landscapes proclaiming the latest alt assault on Mother Earth’s acres.  But this grandiose green scheme is not without its gauche gullibilities.  Whether pooping out on promised power or jerking the jobs that are so cleanly correct, the wonderful world of wind has been huffing and puffing a lot of hot air.

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