Late Night Maneuvers: Leno Tops Letterman Again

For the second night in a row, Jay Leno hit the ratings jackpot, leaving Lefty Letterman lagging behind in the late night shadows.  TV By The Numbers reported that Leno’s Tonight Show beat Letterman yet again, with viewership in the 18 to 49 age category choosing overwhelmingly to spend their time over at NBC rather than cozy up to CBS.

On Tuesday evening, Leno hosted Sarah Palin, while back on the east coast, Letterman featured Mitt Romney.  I guess this was network TV’s way of showcasing conservative Tea Party talent.  Wow, these network execs will stoop to anything to get some decent ratings!

How pleased I am that Letterman is getting TV’s version of the Bronx Cheer.  We can but hope that his numbers will continue to cringe.

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