Gay Conservative Mom

I get excited each time I discover another lesbian conservative website and this one is a very touching and down-to-earth blog.  To glimpse yet another face of the lesbian conservative community, please check out the Gay Conservative Mom by clicking on this link.

Here’s a blurb from Jody’s site:

What’s it like being a lesbian conservative? Well, some would argue that I can’t be both. The two words just don’t go together.  Lesbian conservative!?  It sounds almost like an oxymoron.  Truth is, and this is a quote from gay Republican B. Daniel Blatt of the Gay Patriot: “It’s easier to be openly gay among conservatives than it is to be openly conservative among gays.”  Some gay liberals think that if I’m conservative I’m somehow betraying ‘my people.’  Or they believe conservatives are all racist homophobes.  It’s been my experience that nothing could be further from the truth.


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