Van Jones: Mister Mediocre Goes To Princeton

Van Jones, the Frightening Fringe Freak from the Land of Angry and Aggrieved Agitators is going to Princeton to ‘teach’ as a visiting fellow in their Center for African American Studies program.  The announcement appeared in today’s issue of Higher Education and has drawn scorn from its readers in the comment section.  Apparently academic credentials and real qualifications for the job are outweighed by rabid race hustling and militant Marxism.  How blind the eye of academe when it comes to their Affirmative Action Family of Mediocre Misfits.

And the National Association of Colored People (NAACP) announced that Mister Marxist will be honored with their NAACP Image Award. Image award?  Pray tell, what image are they looking to honor here?  Could it be the image of Mr. Jones cutting a hate filled rap album with the black cop killer and all around thug, Mumia al-Jamal?  Or perhaps it’s the image of Mr. Jones announcing on MSNBC that the US kooks who ran to Iraq to act as human shields for Saddam Hussein were ‘heroes’?

It’s amazing that all these creeps who hate our country, who rant against our heritage and founding principles, who rail against capitalism and democracy, all end up getting one heck of a good deal out of the American system that they supposedly detest.  Nice houses, nice cars, nice clothes, nice educations, nice careers, nice bank accounts, nice awards, nice lives.

The sham casualties of a spoiled brat bourgeoisie looking down their noses with contempt at the very American values that make their very nice lives so very possible.

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