Lesbian Conservatives Are Everywhere!

Lesbian Conservatives are everywhere, even in San Francisco! And more and more of us are out and open about our political AND sexual orientations.

In Hot Air’s Green Room, Sarjex, a cartoonist and ongoing contributor at Hot Air, wrote a piece yesterday officially outing herself as a lesbian.  Living in the Left-wing mecca of San Francisco and married to a liberal leaning partner, Sarjex’s brief bio shows just how nuanced a conservative lesbian’s life needs to be in this oh so politicized world of ours.

Here’s a little tidbit of what she had to say:

I think gays DO have it great in the US. When I hear all the “social justice” queers talking about how hard it is to live in Texas or other places and the US is sooo oppressive I like to snort to them, “Try Iran!” I do not understand why so many gays gravitate so completely to the left when all through history it has been the left who has hung them, stoned them, rounded them up and gassed them except that for a long time the Right on this country made them feel so unwelcome.

Check out Sarjex’s article to get another lesbian conservative perspective on life and the world at large.  Welcome Out, Sarjex!

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2 Responses to Lesbian Conservatives Are Everywhere!

  1. erins1911 says:

    Love this part of the article, because I can relate entirely: “I knew I was a conservative before I knew I was gay. I come from a family of entrepreneurial rugged individuals and I was *never* one for groupthink. Socialism or anything akin to it always horrified me because I knew it empowered the group over the individual…and the individual could always be ME.”

    • “empowered the group over the individual”—that pretty much sums it up. For all their shouting about THE PEOPLE, the Left has no intention of allowing individual people to order their own lives.

      And thanks for taking the time to comment. Welcome.

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