Specter: Time To Give Up The Ghost

A Franklin and Marshall poll shows Arlen Specter, the erstwhile Republican senator from Pennsylvania who recently flip-flopped back to the Left-wing Democrat party, dragging the rear in his run to retain his senate seat.

The New Republic, in covering this latest depressing news for Democrats, was shocked by just how much of a lead Specter’s challenger has developed over the past few months.  Running against Pat Toomey, Specter now trails his opponent 34% to 44%.  Pat Toomey, Harvard graduate, small business owner, and former US Congressman, is running a strong campaign against Specter and has been successful at portraying himself as a moderate conservative with a blue-collar background who has a businessman’s market savvy.

But what’s really blowing away the writer of this article, John Judis, Senior Editor of the New Republic, is just how strong an influence the Tea Party movement is having on this senatorial election: 85% of Republicans, 58% of Independents, and 28% of Democrats in Pennsylvania either strongly or somewhat strongly support the Tea Party movement.  And yes indeed, Mr. Judis, these stats should send shivers through the Democrat timbers.

Arlen Specter, who just turned 80 years old, is looking more and more like a walking corpse.  His series of personal health issues have certainly taken their toll.  He is also perceived by many voters of both parties here in Pennsylvania as a political sailboat tacking his course to catch the prevailing winds whichever way they may be blowing.

Oh, and Mr. Judis (just love this name), we don’t need a “new” republic, we like the one our forefathers struggled and died for.  You know, the one that has withstood the test of time, creating more opportunity and freedom than any other system of government or way of life that this planet has ever experienced.  Keep your rehashed, Old World Marxist Manure for all those Euro Eunuchs needing their Nanny Nappies to get them through the day.  Us grown-ups here in the USA like being potty trained–it’s so much more pleasant and productive going through life without dragging around a governmental load in our pants.

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