Al Gore To Speak: Planet Earth Warms In Anticipation

NEWS FLASH!  Hurry, hurry, step right on up to the San Diego Convention Center Monday morning, June 28th, and see the one and only Big Al Gore, America’s Cap-and-Trade Climate Whore!

Yes indeed, Al Gore will be the featured speaker at the Society for Human Resources 2010 convention in San Diego this year!  Check out Big Al’s bio on the SHRM website–it simply oozes with oily unction:

The world’s most influential voice on climate change, an advisor of leaders in Congress, and heads of state throughout the world, former Vice President Al Gore offers a unique perspective on national and international affairs…He is also co-founder and Chairman of Current TV, an Emmy-award winning, independently owned cable and satellite television network for young people based on viewer created content and citizen journalism. Vice President Gore is Chairman of the Alliance for Climate Protection, a member of the board of Apple, a senior advisor to Google, and visiting professor at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The Society for Human Resource Management is a big glossy non-for-profit that is the major representative organization for Human Resources professionals in the US.  One of their mission elements is to “serve as an advocate to ensure that policy makers, law makers and regulators are aware of key people concerns facing organizations and the human resource profession.”  Well, I’m sure the Big Veep will impress these personnel peeps: he’ll just turn up the manufactured heat and give them all their climate change treat.

If the Gore Bore Climate Carnival is SHRM’s idea of advocacy for corporate America, then no wonder the good ole US economy is looking more and more like a tired tramp that hasn’t shaved in a week.  A prime example of corporate collusion in the man-made mosh pit of climate crapola.

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