EEOC Smack Down: Real Justice For A Change

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was ordered by a Federal judge to pay out $4.5M in attorney fees and expenses to the trucking firm CRST Van Expedited of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The sexual harassment lawsuit against CRST was filed by the EEOC back in 2007 and alleged that the company tolerated a pattern and practice of sexual harassment against its female truck drivers.  In granting summary judgment to CRST, Chief Judge Linda Reade of the Northern District of Iowa, dismissed the EEOC’s claims.  Because the EEOC failed to investigate the charges before filing suit against the trucking firm, the agency in essence completely relied on anecdotal evidence. Judge Reade stated:

The EEOC’s argument boils down to little more than bald assertions…The EEOC’s litigation strategy was untenable: CRST faced a continually moving target of allegedly aggrieved persons, the risk of never-ending discovery, and indefinite continuance of trial.

If you travel over to the EEOC website, you’ll find a section on their home page titled Newsroom.  It’s under this section that the EEOC touts their wins, extorted victories over companies and corporations that have caved-in to the governmental strong-arming that passes for justice in today’s victim culture.  Of course, you’ll find nary a mention of the CRST case on their site.  I guess the EEOC prefers to keep a low profile when their cocksure arrogance proves too much for a federal judge.  Apparently Chief Judge Reade preferred to rule on what the American judicial system likes to call EVIDENCE as opposed to the unsubstantiated accusations of governmental kangaroo courtiers.

It goes without saying that workers should be protected in the workplace from blatant acts of harassment.  We all have our livings to make and we have the right to earn our crust without putting up with such nonsense.  But the EEOC is not about protecting American workers: it’s about pushing a progressive agenda.  The EEOC is just another governmental goon squad engaged in the never-ending politics of victim vindication.

Each year, American businesses shell out millions of dollars to quell bogus accusations of harassment and discrimination.  It’s simply cheaper to payoff these lying litigants rather than challenge them in court.  A company can easily spend over a million dollars just on preliminary proceedings while getting battered by the deep pockets of the EEOC bureaucratic bilge pump funded by American tax dollars.  It’s the rare company indeed that is willing to run the gauntlet of bad press, damaged reputation, lost revenue, and a multimillion dollar shakedown compliments of Uncle Sam.

And with the list of ‘protected classes’ growing ever longer, US companies can expect the extortion gravy train to continue to chug merrily along.

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