Penn State Rally For Academic Integrity

Approximately 100 students, local residents, and community leaders gathered at the Penn State campus on Friday, February 12th to rally for academic integrity.  The rally, which was sparked by the university’s  investigation into Professor Michael Mann’s role in the ClimateGate scandal, was sponsored by the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF).

Michael Mann, who is a Professor of Meteorology at Penn State and Director of Earth System Science Center, has been getting the girlish gush from the powers that be at Penn State.  The rally on Friday was in support of an unbiased external investigation instead of the university’s fawning faculty internal review.  The rally was led by Samuel Settle, a sophomore at Penn State.

The rally attracted the attention of a local news show, WJAC-TV in State College.  Click the link to their website to see the news video of the rally.  And for additional photos, check out the YAF website. The event was not without the obligatory counter protest, but the Mann-Made global warming wingnuts found themselves out-manned and out-matched. This demonstration was the largest conservative action on the Penn State campus so far this year.

I particularly liked the sign carried by of one of the conservative commonsense protesters which read: Truth Please, Not Another Snow Job. That about sums it up.

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