Conservative Activism On Campus

American universities, American media, and American government bureaucracies are THE major battle fronts of the culture war. The trifecta of Left-wing fascism. But for far too long, the conservative movement has focused almost exclusively on the political arena.  Since 1968, we have had 28 years of Republican presidents and 13 years of Democrat presidents.  During this time period, what did it matter that Ronald Reagan was in office for eight years or that George W. Bush served for two terms?  Did those presidencies derail the juggernaut of Left-wing ideology bulldozing its way through American society?  No matter how conservative the Commander-in-Chief or how right-of-center the US Congress, the  Left-wing elitist express has zipped along unimpeded.  With academic reeducation camps feeding both the Marxist media and the bloated government bureaucracies, is it any wonder that our American dream is fast becoming a Bolshevik nightmare.  With approximately 40% of young American adults currently attending college, isn’t it time we gave priority to the academic atrocities perpetrated against American youth?

It has taken decades, but finally, conservative activism is beginning to spread its fledgling wings on campus.  Although far from the spotlight of the progressive media,  organizations such as FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) Young America’s Foundation, Young Americans for Freedom, Accuracy in Academia, and are motivating and mobilizing students and faculty to take on the Left-wing indoctrination gulags of American higher education.

Fighting for the constitutional rights of freedom of speech, freedom of association, and academic integrity, conservative campus groups are pushing back against the entrenched Lefty ideology that has gripped American colleges since the 1960s.  From small battles to big campaigns, the conservative backlash is finally showing a fresh face on college campuses across the nation.

Here are two recent examples of campus conservative push back here in Pennsylvania.  On Friday, at the Penn State campus, home to the Climategate pseudo-scientist, Michael Mann, the Young Americans for Freedom staged a rally for academic integrity in protest of the so-called internal review that the university is conducting into Mann’s involvement in the scandal.  Expecting a whitewash,  the conservative students proclaimed their disgust at the political orthodoxy masquerading as academic research at Penn State.

And at Temple University, the student group Temple University Purpose, hosted a presentation by Dutch politician and filmmaker, Geert Wilders back in October.  Wilders is currently being prosecuted in the Netherlands under hate speech laws for his matter-of-fact statements about radical Islam and its threat to the West.  University administrators and the Muslim Student Association attempted to pressure the group into canceling the presentation.  But to no avail.  The students held their ground, determined to create an open forum for discussion.  The event went forward but with Left-wing fascists shouting down Wilders during the presentation.  Despite the outcome, this gutsy stance taken by a group of students who didn’t even share Wilders’ views on Islam, but who did seek to provide an outlet for the free flow of ideas, is a shining ray of hope on the new day horizon of academic integrity.

And another conservative warrior is marching onto the academic battlefield.  Andrew Breitbart announced on Glenn Beck’s program on Friday that he will be starting another media news blog: Big Education. This new site promises to offer aggressive undercover reporting of the blatant brainwashing that passes for education at American universities.

Bringing a little Breitbart sunshine into the closed dark halls of academe–now that’s the kind of education that will truly be enlightening!

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