Unionizing By Stealth

You might ask yourself how someone who is self-employed and running a for-profit day care center could be forcibly unionized.  Well, in Michigan, that is exactly what’s  been happening to many self-employed business owners in this state who now find themselves herded into a public employee union.  Because these entrepreneurs receive child care subsidies from the state, they are being forced to pay union dues to the government employees union, AFSCME.  Approximately 40,000 day care providers are effected.  This tallies to the tune of $3.7 million a year in union dues to AFSCME.

And Michigan isn’t the only state practicing this shell game.  Fourteen other states now allow child care providers working in the private sector to be organized into public employee unions.

What a scam!  Big Government + Big Government Unions = Big Taxpayer Ripoffs.

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