Digging Out One More Time

I spent a good part of today digging out the car and shoveling the walk.  Unlike the snow we got over the weekend, this stuff was heavy and weighed down by a coat of ice.  It took a lot of pounding to free the impacted sludge from the car.  My community association employs an excellent snow removal firm so our roads were cleared and salted but they had to bring in a few dump trucks to haul away the bulldozed snow–there just wasn’t any place to put it.  We have mountain ranges of the stuff all around the community.

But I’m not complaining, at least, not too much.  We have electrical power and heat unlike many thousands of folks in the metro area.  And I have a job where I can work from home occasionally if I so desire.  So no heart attack this morning about getting to the work place.

Hopefully, this is it for Mother Nature’s winter worst.  How many weeks till Spring?

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