Rahm And The Retard Remark

I'm really sorry

Conjuring the image of Rahm Emmanuel prostrated at the feet of the Special Olympics Chairman and inveigling the vision of this Left-wing Hit Man on bended knee in front of six distraught disability advocates does fill one with a smug sense of turn-about-fair-play.  A high priest of the vigilante vanguard of victim privilege getting a taste of his own mea culpa medicine in full glare of a media madhouse inquisition can only reinforce one’s faith in the righteous judgment of a just and loving God.

But despite the sanctimonious sanctions and the angry accusations, all this hubbub over the use of retard rhetoric is just another pustule erupting from the pox of counterfeit correctness.  As much as I’d revel at the sight of rogue Rahm taking a head first dive over the rail of political misfortune, this latest feelings furor and the lame language restrictions that go with it, can only be labeled as moronic emotionalism.  Feeble justifications for persecuting perpetrators of idiotic idioms are nothing more than the inane urgings of the culturally challenged.  This is just another puritanical purge of the English language to accommodate yet another elite group of ‘advocates’ who dare to dictate our daily dialogue.

Stop the wear and tear on your genuflecting knees.  Push the tin gods of do-goody piety off the altar of adoration–they are no more informed about virtue and vice, wrong and right than the rest of us meager mortals.  Time to give the sensitivity censors and their cultural commandments the heave ho.

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