Victim, Victim, Who Is The Victim?

The Victim Game is the most popular pastime of Western civilization.  And although the rules of the game are pretty standard, the sweet plum of victim status can be a fickle and fleeting political prize.

Israel National News is reporting hard hateful times for Jews in–are you ready for this: SWEDEN.  Yep, SWEDEN.  The land of bright, white, loving, easy going, caring and clean Nordic nubiles.  Apparently, in the town of Malmo in southern Sweden, anti-semitic attacks (vandalism and a fire bombing) against Jews and Jewish cemeteries have doubled in the past year.  The Swedish populace in this town, along with its city government, are complacent about the violence, too busy kowtowing to their growing Muslim population to give a hoot about people who are now out of stride with Sweden’s new socialistic goosestep.

Not too many years ago, such blatant anti-semitism would have been international news.  But I don’t think we’ll be hearing a peep about it in the progressive presses.  How times they have a-changed.

Now that the Left has fastened onto their newest victim du jour, leaving the Jewish people and the Jewish nation on the scrap heap of passe passions, Jews around the globe can expect the progressive push off when violence strikes.  The Euro elite and their American acolytes have decreed a new winner in the all-suffering sweepstakes.  Luckless losers of this lottery have no protection from hate crimes.

Anti-semitism is back in vogue.  And the wheel of life turns once again.

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