Women Suicide Bombers: It’s All The Rage

Women suicide bombers headed our way. So states the top story in the UK Telegraph today.  Intelligence sources are reporting that young Western looking women have been undergoing terrorist training in Yemen conducted by the same group responsible for the panty bomber incident on Christmas day here in the US.   The British government has raised their terror threat level to ‘severe’ believing that an attack against the UK is imminent.

And here in the US, what has Janet Incompetano been doing to keep the Homeland snug and secure?   Well, she’s been very busy informing our law enforcement agencies to be on the look out for veterans, gun owners, pro-life citizens, or anyone too concerned about taxes and illegal immigration.  Because as we all know, it’s these folks who pose the biggest threat to national security with all their patriotism, self-sacrifice, and traditional values.  Who cares about Islamic suicide bombers and hijackers committing mass murder against Western civilization when there are hard-working, law-abiding Americans to harass and demonize.

We can all sleep soundly tonight knowing that Jug Head Janet is at the helm, keeping America safe from democracy.  Long live political correctness and pacifist progressivism!

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