It Ain’t About Ideology

If you spend a lot of time consuming network news and pigging out at all the media entertainment eateries that today’s technology has to offer, you would be totally convinced that America was a very liberal nation.  But take a gander at the poll numbers the Wall Street Journal published today in an article entitled US Shifted Party, Not Ideology.

The largest ideology group represented in this poll is Moderate and running a close second is Conservative. Those Americans identifying themselves as Liberal fell from 24% in 2006 to 21% in 2010.  Yet from 2003 to 2008, those calling themselves Democrats increased from 38% in 2003 to 45% in 2008.  So over a seven year span, the Dems gained followers: those who were disillusioned with the Republican Party and fed-up with George Bush.  But they didn’t gain ideological bed fellows.

The Democrat Party has taken an awful lot for granted this past year, leaping to some outrageous conclusions after the 2008 presidential election with regard to its assumed mandate from the people.  Their tone deaf demagoguery has tuned out the voice of a very angry electorate.

Well,  after tonight’s stunning defeat in Massachusetts, do you think they hear us now?

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