Multiculturalism and Anglo-Saxon Suicide

I love it when the UK media graces us with its attention–all those puffed-up pontifications on American culture voiced in that snooty look-down-their-nose tone they do so well.  Whether leaning to the left or to the right, British media just can’t seem to hide their fear of inferiority when it comes to their American cousin.

So in honor of MLK day, the UK Telegraph ran an article about the status of race in America, focusing on the inability of US citizens to speak frankly about all our manufactured racial taboos.  The article is on target when it points out the partisan political uses of race here in the USA and gives a few good examples of how the charge of racism has evolved into the weapon of choice in attempting to demean and demonize political foes.

But what sticks in the gut with this article, and most other communiques from the land of aristocratic socialism, is the patronizing school principal chastisement coming from a Brit journalist who seems to have forgotten the multicultural mess brewing in his own backyard. Or as Browning sort of said, How do we hate ourselves?  Let us count the ways: Sharia ghettos on the rise; immigration policies profoundly changing the cultural face of the country; British disdain for its own history and achievements; an open contempt for the white British working class; and aggressively enforced ‘hate’ speech laws criminalizing dissent.  From Rule Britannia to Multicultural Mummy, from robust self-confidence to smug self-flagellation.  From the strong masculine ethos of Churchill to the vague androgynous smudge of state socialism.

All Hail the Advance of Anglo-Saxon suicide! The new and approved ethnic cleansing of the 21st century.

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  1. Islam is a terrorist says:

    Good and necessary thoughts.

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