Alec Baldwin: Energy Czar

Took a gander at HuffPo the other day to see what quaint inanities were percolating over there at Libtopia Central.  And sure enough, there was a good selection of the feeble, inane, and just plain lame.  But taking the first prize in the Huffpo Silliest Soliloquies Contest has to be Alec Baldwin for his Daffy Duck deconstruction of US energy policy.

I don’t meander over to HuffPo often, so perhaps I’ve missed out on previous weighty pronouncements by Professor Baldwin, actor extaordinaire.  But when I scrolled down the HuffPo site and saw the headline, Put A Major Oil Company Out Of Business, my curiosity was captured.  I was riveted to the spot!  I mean, could anyone resist an article on the very convoluted topic of US energy policy authored by one of the haughty Hollywood Chuckle Heads?  So with trembling finger, I clicked the link, eager for the erudite enlightenment that awaited me.

I won’t waste time commenting on the muddled, child-like silliness that Mr. Baldwin offered in his latest comedic role as political commentator.  But it’s worth the read if only for the laughs.  Just one nugget of nonsense will suffice:

The goal of this country’s energy policy, long-term, should be to trigger a series of events that would lead to one clear measurement of our progress. That is the collapse of a major oil company. If a major oil company went out of business, we would be on the right track.

And the laughs continue in the comment section.  Some of the HuffPo readers actually thought Baldwin’s blather was insightful and awe-inspiring.  Others, however, were left shaking their heads in disbelief.  Here’s a sample:

“Yep, that’s exactly what we need.  Gas isn’t expensive enough or foreign-controlled enough, so let’s kill one of our largest American suppliers and see how good it gets.”

“Alec, how many vehicles do you own?  How big is your house?  What is your electric bill every month?”

“Are you naive enough to actually believe that if we put oil companies out of business that things will be better?  It’s like eradicating crops and livestock to break our addiction to eating.

“Love this site.  You’d have to go to TMZ to get better access to boots-on-the-ground celebrity expertise.”

Now that’s entertainment!

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