Wind Farms: The Hot Air Is In The Hype

The UK, in the throes of a very cold winter, had expected its wind farms to generate a decent level of power to help keep the home fires burning.  But unfortunately, the alternative power potentates in the UK seem to have forgotten a chilly fact or two: cold weather often brings high pressure and high pressure ofter brings no wind at all.

During the prolonged cold spell, the UK’s gigantic wind turbines created ‘practically no electricity’, leaving the UK with the very cold reality of power shortages.  The Telegraph reports that this shortfall has occurred just as the government has confirmed its plans to build nine more wind super farms.  If the government decides to move forward with its plans, some experts believe that the UK could find itself sucking wind.  According to one expert:

This week’s surge in demand for energy in response to the cold weather raises serious concerns about the UK’s increased reliance on wind power…Failure to address these concerns could mean further rationing of energy in future years and could even lead to black-outs, so it is vital that the UK Government take action now to avoid the lights going off.

Of course, Prime Minister Gordon Brown isn’t worried a bit.  Why should he?  After all,  Good Old Gordie won’t have to scratch his head much longer over this perplexing problem or any other inconvenient conundrum.  For waiting in the wings is the Conservative Party, ready and able to deliver the backside boot.   I think many Brits have realized that the only wind that’s getting generated in the UK is the blow coming from Mr. Brown.

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