China’s State Controlled Breeding: Boys Are Us

A demographics nightmare is facing the communist Chinese regime in the form of a looming gender imbalance within their population.  Due to state controlled breeding practices which have mandated one child per family and the culture’s predilection for males, China will be oozing with unrequited testosterone by 2020.

Sex-specific abortions are commonplace in China, given the pressure on women to produce a male child.  And up until now, the Chinese government has tried to play down the draconian implications of its government enforced breeding practices.  But in just 10 years, there will be an excess of 24 million men all with no prospects of finding a mate.

But I’m sure the inventive bureaucratic bully boys will get creative.  Perhaps they’ll mandate male homosexuality to keep those 24 million machos in line.  Or maybe forced suicides are in the offing (excuse the pun).  Whatever they concoct, I’m sure the passive populace will be more than willing to go along with it all.  Big Father knows best.

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