Airport Security: A ‘Man-Caused’ Disaster

A succinct, tongue-in-cheek article by William Tate in the American Thinker today summing up Obama’s dysfunctional approach to combating terrorism.  I enjoyed his comments about Janet Napolitano, or as Mark Steyn calls her, Janet Incompetano.  Tate asks the question: Is Obama at War with a Network of Violence?  And his answer is a resounding Yes!  Unfortunately, that war seems to be with the Fox News Network.

And Mark Steyn, who stood in for Limbaugh on Monday, gave the TSA a great roasting on the show.  His article, PantyBomber Exposes Naked Bureaucracy, is a scathing rip at Obama and his dithering progressive passivity and a good sock in the eye for what passes for airport security.

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