Obama: It Was The Best of Years, It Was The Worst of Years

Who would have thought back in January 2009 that Obama and his Democrat Congress would be limping into this New Year bruised, bitten, and battered.   Could anyone have predicted that the first Black president of the United States, gushed over by a girlishly giddy media and adored by a hopeful but naive public, would have ended his first year in office bobbing aimlessly in the wake of the all-aboard Obama popularity cruise fest?

All that hope and change and all those fervent, fevered faces.  Obama 09 offered us a Twilight Zone of inverted images, fictionalized facts, and historical hyperbole.  Drugging the American psyche like a bad LSD trip, Obama Mania flashed a kaleidoscope of figments and fairy tales onto the world stage.  But the hope-and-change flight of fancy has gone the way of all self-deluding head trips.  America and the scripted nincompoop she chose as her leader have met that cold and sober inconvenient truth called reality.

To put it in a more folksy way: the jig is up!  Obama and the Democrats have a hard row to hoe in 2010.  Or as Bette Davis almost said:  Fasten your seat belts–It’s going to be a bumpy year.

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