Where Oh Where Has Hillary Gone?

Has anyone seen our illustrious Secretary of State lately?  Or heard a peep from her?  I don’t mean to spoil anyone’s Christmas vacation, but haven’t there been some little incidents happening here and there in the world over the past few days?  And shouldn’t those events attract the attention of the big girls and boys who sit in the power seats?

At least we know our Affirmative Action Uber-Mensch is sunning himself on the shores of Hawaii apparently unfazed by the events that occurred over American airspace on Christmas day.  And as far as the violent demonstrations in Iran go, well, I’m sure the Prez of Appeasement is barely able to stifle a yawn.

But Madame Clinton is nowhere to be found.  And this could be said for most of her tenure as the Secretary of State.  A solid guess here is that the Hill won’t be leaving any indelible mark on the world stage.  I wonder what all those PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) supporters think of her now?

But in her defense, look who Bill’s Hill is working for:  The Dithering Democrat, the Socialist Sissy, the Euro-Eunuch.  As much as so many of us love to hate Hillary, I think we all have to admit she’s got the balls that Barry lacks.  Aha!  There’s another epithet to describe our leader:  Ball-less Barry!  I’m on a roll!

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