Polanski And The Pedophile Apologists

Polanski sends his warmest best wishes and Christmas greetings to all his friends and supporters via the Huffington Post.  Good old Arianna and her staff at HuffPo have extended ‘generous access’ to their mag rag for one of Polanski’s most vocal apologists, Bernard-Henri Levy.  Levy is a wealthy philosophical self-styled celebrity who has been a staunch supporter and champion of Polanski’s peccadillo.

One of the many aging Left-wing pseudo-intellectuals who dominate the intelli-pretentious literati scene in Europe, Levi offered up Polanski’s Thank You letter in the Huffington Post yesterday compliments of Arianna.

Thanks to the generous access provided by Arianna Huffington and her staff, I have been able to present a different “voice,” one that contrasts with the howling of the pack.

But not everyone in Left-wing La-La Land is happy about ‘the different voice’ that is getting heard at HuffPo.  Over at Salon, Tracy Clark-Flory has another take on Polanski’s warm wishes:

Polanski’s first public words after being imprisoned didn’t express remorse or beg for forgiveness. Instead, he gave a shout-out to all of the strangers out there who have had his back this whole time — despite his having raped a 13-year-old girl.

Poor Ms. Clark-Flory.  She just ain’t in with the In Crowd.  What pathetic bourgeois sympathies she retains.  Has life with the Left taught her nothing?  Ms. Clark-Flory expresses concern about the rape and sodomizing of a 13 year old child as if that incident really mattered when compared with the majesty of the Left-wing male’s self-indulgent dialectics.  Progressive paternalism shows us the true value of women and children.  So if Arianna Huffington and other feminist felines can embrace their place in the New World Order, what’s holding up the rest of the Lefty sisterhood?

Could it be that some of our progressive sisters balk at the portrayal of wealthy, jet setter Polanski as an innocent lamb at the mercy of a howling wolf pack?  Perhaps within that mental haze of ideological idiocy, some sisters are finding a truer, deeper understanding of who is really at risk here.  The distaff proletariat may not be as numb and dumb as their progressive brothers expect them to be.

Let the Lotus-Eaters awake!

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2 Responses to Polanski And The Pedophile Apologists

  1. bunkerville says:

    Lest we forget this creep’s real feelings about children, here is a link to an old interview.


    • Thanks for the link, Bunkerville. These predators live in their own self-obsessed bubble and unfortunately in Polanski’s case, the self-obsession is reinforced by the amoral creeps on the Left who think the progressive elite are above and beyond the confines of what they see as bourgeois morality. It’s frightening that such a mindset was gained credence in our society.


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