Global Warming: Some Sanity on the Left?

Some thinkers on the Left (is this an oxymoron?) may be getting a little concerned about the anti-democratic fanaticism that runs through the global warming cadres.  When the word ‘progressive’ appears in an article written by a Left leaning journalist writing for a Left leaning online news site like the Daily Beast, no eyebrows need be raised.  But when this misnomer is wrapped in quotes then some definite brow raising is indeed called for.

Thaddeus Russell in the Daily Beast on Saturday wrote a surprisingly lucid article that called into account the fanatical rectitude that permeates the Man-Made Global Warming movement.  Russell’s article entitled Blame the Smug Climate Warriors, takes to task the zealot-like rhetoric and how it’s poisoning the global warming debate.

Those of us who believe the globe has warmed and that it was caused at least in part by human beings have reason to fear the growing movement that dismisses global warming as a hoax. But we should also fear many of those who have convinced us that the problem is real.

Russell compares today’s ‘progressives’ with the early 20th century progressive movement and finds similar strains of  elitism and anti-democratic demagoguery.

Their rhetoric and apparent motivations are alarmingly similar to those of the self-styled “progressives” of the early 20th century who were hostile to democratic choice, promoted their politics in religious terms, attempted to “correct” what they saw as the psychological and moral failures of the people who opposed them, and welcomed war as an opportunity to discipline and re-engineer society..Both early progressives and contemporary climate-change activists have demonstrated a disdain for the democratic process.

And like the warming skeptics, Russell also fears the real agenda of the climate-warming mongers:

Some have suspected that “global warmers” are interested in far more than merely solving the problem they claim to address. Such skeptics should be respected…If the battle over climate change does become World War Three, as it now threatens to, maybe some progressives will bear a share of the blame.

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