Gay Journalist Blasts Safe Schools Czar

Keep your dirty hands off the gay community and our kids! This was the angry outcry voiced by Charles Winecoff today to the Left-wing, progressive propaganda rag, Media Matters.  Breitbart’s Big Hollywood published Winecoff’s article today which blasts Media Matters for America (MMA) for its defense of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and its founder, Kevin Jennings, Obama’s so-called Safe Schools Czar.

Winecoff goes for the jugular, condemning MMA’s Stalinist tactics in defense of sex seminars and child porn:

Media Matters for America has dived headfirst into the sewer to do some quick and dirty damage control, defending every unsavory turd that’s floated to the surface–by smearing the whistle blowers as haters.  The oldest trick in the ‘progressive’ playbook.

Winecoff calls for Jennings resignation and questions GLSEN’s rotten politically-correct agenda.  His article is a refreshing change from the progressive pap that saturates our gay and lesbian communities.  There are indeed alternative voices out there in our community and Winecoff’s voice is loud and clear on where he stands on the ‘queering’ of American school systems.  This is a good read.

Charles Winecoff is a journalist and TV writer who has written articles on gay marriage and gay progressivism. More to come on Mr. Winecoff later.

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