Palin’s Popularity Is Up

Well, well.  It looks like our Sarah is doing just fine.  A new CNN sponsored poll shows that Palin’s favorable rating among Americans is now up to 46%. A nice steady rise since her low point of 39% back in the summer.

But the real shocker is that Palin’s favorable rating is only 1% below Mr. Hope and Change’s rating.  A newly released Gallop poll, sponsored by CNN, shows Obama’s favorable rating plummeting from 53% last month to 47% today. Just 1% above Palin.  Looks like more and more Americans are seeing past Obama’s presidential pretext to the junior Senator reality.  This guy is in over his head.

The LA Times ran with the story today, headlining with: “Shocker Polls”.  Indeed.  The column gives a pretty fair analysis and unbiased commentary on the poll numbers, hinting at what these results could mean for Obama and the Democrats.  The column also mentions that Dick Cheney has improved his standing with America, with a favorable rating now at 39%.  Another harbinger of not-so-happy times coming for the Left-Wing?

We can but hope for change.

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