LGBT Community: Who Speaks For Us?

Like so many others, I read the Associated Press article that made the rounds across the country yesterday outlining the defeat of the gay marriage bill in NY. The article, written by Michael Gormley, briefly featured a lesbian couple from Queens NY.  What a surprise!  I recognized the name of one of the women, Laura Antoniou.

Ms. Antoniou is known within the lesbian and queer communities as a proponent of the dominant/submissive lifestyle and has written a series of fictional books on BDSM.  She’s also been a speaker at various BDSM functions.  Certainly one of the more exotic blooms within our lesbian garden.  Her partner, Karen Taylor, is the Director for Advocacy and Training for SAGE in NYC, a social service advocacy group assisting elder gays and lesbians.  The article identified Karen Taylor’s  job title and employer, but only referred to Antoniou as Taylor’s partner.

My first reaction was to wonder why this couple was featured for the article. Was it important for the author to present the comments of Karen Taylor because she was a Director of an LGBT organization and therefore considered some sort of spokesperson for the community?  And why just dangle Antoniou’s name out there?  Antoniou is certainly not a shrinking violet when it comes to her lifestyle or her books–she is out.  So why hedge?  And I think the author did indeed hedge here.  It was as if he was writing for two audiences, the in-the-know hip crowd who only needed to read her name to get the nudge and the unenlightened general readership who would be blissfully in the dark about it all and kept there.

And I have to ask: Weren’t there any other lesbian couples residing within the state of New York who could have provided a comment or two for this article?  Are the feelings and opinions of lesbians and gays only valid when voiced by social service activists and political organizers?  And is the diversity within the lesbian and gay communities only to be represented by the kinky pseudo avant-garde?

It was indeed disheartening to lose in New York.  Time to reflect and retrench.  And time also to move beyond the Left-wing progressivism that dominates too much of what passes for the visible face of the LGBT community.

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