Polls: America Going Conservative?

Taking the pulse of the American public.  Here are some interesting poll results from Rasmussen Reports.

The “Merry Christmas” Greeting: 72% of Americans prefer holiday signs that wish them a “Merry Christmas”.  Only 22% preferred “Happy Holidays”.

Global Warming: 47% of Americans believe global warming is caused by planetary trends.  37% believe warming is caused by us evil humans, which is down from 47% last year.  It seems the ranks of the Al Gore true believers are shrinking.

Illegal Immigration: 68% of Americans oppose cities that offer sanctuary to illegal immigrants.  And 49% believe that federal funding should be cut off to those cities that harbor illegal aliens.

Healthcare Legislation: 53% oppose the healthcare plan currently being debated in the Senate.  41% favor the plan.  Do you think those incompetent Democratic nitwits see the writing on the wall yet?

War in Afghanistan: 39% of Americans believe that victory is possible while 36% disagree.  A bit of a toss up.

Mammogram Guidelines: 81% of adults disagree with the new federal guidelines that recommend women wait until age 50 to get routine mammograms.

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