Obama in Allentown: Patriots To Say, Howdy!

Well, actually Mr. Hope and Change is headed to Schnecksville, PA, located about 10 miles north of Allentown.  On Friday, December 4th, Obama and his entourage will be visiting the Main Campus of the Lehigh Carbon Community College as part of their “White House to Main Street Tour”.

Several Tea Party and Patriot groups are eagerly planning a lively reception for our illustrious president and I also hope to be in attendance when the White House propaganda wagons roll in.  Unfortunately, no timelines have yet been released for the day’s extravaganza, but hopefully that information will be forthcoming later in the week.

So all you bitter taxpayers out there in the Philly metro area, all you gun and religion clingers, cruise on up the North East extension of the PA Turnpike and say Howdy! to the Chief.

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