Merry Christmas, ACLU!

Let’s shout out a very Merry Christmas to our good comrades at the ACLU by sending them a Christmas card this year.  My local Tea Party group is holding a Christmas card write-in, especially for the ACLU, just to let them know we’re thinking about them at this special time of year.

The address for the national headquarters of the ACLU is: ACLU, Anthony Romero, Executive Director, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, NY, NY 10004.  And check out their affiliated state chapters throughout the USA–we don’t want them to feel forgotten.  The list of ACLU chapters, including addresses and the names of Executive Directors, can be found at:

And let’s do something even more radical this season: Let’s say “Merry Christmas” everywhere we go.  If Christmas is your season then share your joy with those around you.  Be outrageously radical this year and cast aside that wimpy “Happy Holidays” and give voice to one of the biggest taboos in our PC culture.  Worried about offending someone?  Well, just remind yourself that the Merry Christmas taboo isn’t about protecting the sensitivities of non-Christians.  It’s about silencing YOU.

Let “Merry Christmas” be your personal battle cry this season.  Shout it out for all to hear.  The Merry Christmas Crusade is at hand!

(This stirring message has been brought to you by a New Age Reformed Pagan Neo-Wiccan Non-Christian)

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