ClimateGate: Man-Made Warming Takes A Plunge

Could it be that global warming has been a big lie?  Left-wing mania is in a tissy after a hacker released emails and documents from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia in the UK that seem to indicate a conspiracy to modify and falsify climate data to fit the theory of man-made global warming.

The so-called scientific findings that the CRU has spewed out over the past 10 plus years claim to prove man-made global warming.  These findings have been the basis of the UN’s report on climate change and are being used by governments around the globe as a justification for sweeping economic policy changes.  Cap and Trade, anyone?

The released emails point to collusion among global warming scientists, including Michael Mann at Penn State University.  The emails make references to fudging data, refusing to release raw data, deleting data rather than releasing it, attempting to discredit skeptical colleagues, and attempts to interfere with the peer review process for journal article submissions.

Here are two perspectives on the scandal, one on its US impact from Real Clear Politics and one on the UK point of view from the Telegraph.  Notice that the UK reporter lumps climate warming skeptics into the ‘right-wing’ category.  I know a few politically liberal types who have never bought into Al Gore’s Chicken Little Climate Fest.

But we’re dealing with fanatics and zealots here.  Questioning any tenet of progressive fundamentalism is tantamount to telling the Inquisition that the sun just might not revolve round the earth.  Open and questioning minds are not tolerated by the Prog Head true believer.

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