And Speaking of Pedophiles–Polanski Makes Bail

Polanski has made bail, although he’ll be under house arrest in Switzerland.  Did I say house arrest?  I should have said chalet arrest.  Polanski will be allowed to wait out his extradition process in the comfort of his own chalet located in an Alpine resort.

But why should we begrudge this poor man his comforts?  As Whoopi Goldberg has said, it’s not as if he committed rape-rape.  I mean, come on!  This was just a joyous, fun-loving rape and sodomizing romp by one of the left-wing aristocratic artsy-fartsy darlings.  And as Gore Vidal has reminded us, the 13 year-old child was just a little whore who was asking for it.

Left-wing NewSpeak at its finest.  What compassion, what caring!  And to think I spent all that time back in the 80s volunteering at a rape crisis center.  Silly me.  Looks like gay pedophiles have some good company on the hetero side of the tracks.

Welcome to Left-Wing Shangri-La.

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