Remember, Remember the 11th of September

We Shall Never Be Defeated!

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Trump Trumps the Media

The beta boys of Marxist media can sure as hell dish it out but notice how they pee their panties when our sitting President refuses to be a sitting duck.  The political chicanery and media madness that has ensued since the election of Donald Trump, has brought the Left to new lows of anarchical violence and media-sponsored sedition. Any Conservative who thought the Democrats and the rest of the Left would simply accept defeat and move on to political business as usual, has now  been  smacked in the face by  a big, fat, consciousness-raising epiphany.

Yes, that’s right, dear Conservatives, it’s not the 1950s anymore. Surprise!  The Eisenhower era is long dead and gone and our political parties, our churches, schools, universities, entertainment industry, and our news media have been co-opted and corrupted. The cockroaches of Western Civilization have had a field day for decades  while us Conservatives hunkered down in our suburban homes encased in our Leave It To Beaver bubbles.  Welcome to the America  we created by omission.  Lesson learned, hopefully: An inward-focused, make-the-world-go-away mentality only  breeds passivity, fear, and isolation and ultimately ends in defeat.  Pretending your home life is somehow immune from a viral political and cultural invasion is sheer stupidity.

We are part of the American community and we have an obligation as citizens to take part in that community. Many Conservatives seem to think that community  should begin  and end with their immediate family and a handful of friends and that all they owe their country is a voting record. Well, community is what  is streamed  through your cable connection 24/7.  Community is what your school board is teaching your kids five days a week, compliments of your property taxes.  Community is the cultural values and core curriculum pumped into your college student while you pay through the nose  for the privilege of having Johnnie or Janie indoctrinated.  Community shapes and reshapes language, concepts and cultural mores.  Now, which group of people in America have taken a very active part in creating and recreating their community and which group of people have limited their communal participation to  a  passive, self-absorbed, and naïve consumerism?

Let this be clear: If not for Donald Trump we’d all be waving bye-bye to the US Constitution and our Republic on this very 4th of July.  And without these bare-fisted attacks against our President, against us, our country and our culture, most Conservative Americans would have slunk back into their leave-me-alone lethargy the day after the election.

So, I would just like to take a moment here on Independence Day to say… Thank God the Obama administration went full throttle Marxist. Thank God the Media has gone insane. Thank God for the Democrat party, for Antifa, for Black Lives Matter. Thank God for Leftwing celebrities and their Leftwing entertainment industry. And of course Thank God for all the spineless, treacherous Republicans passing themselves off as our leaders. Thank You Dear God for the chaos, the chicanery, the anarchy, the lies, the hatred, the sedition, and the violence, yes, the violence.  For without all of this orchestrated evil erupting across the American landscape, Conservatives would have once again retreated to their suburban hearths to await the next election.  But now, finally, more and more Conservatives have awaken to the obvious: VOTING AIN’T ENOUGH.

We’ve been given a second chance.  Don’t blow it, America.

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Happy 4th of July 2017!

God Bless America!

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The Right Pushes Back—Finally!

Get It On!

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Merry Christmas from Aleppo

Yes, there are Christians in Aleppo.  There have been Christians in Syria since the 1st century A. D. long before the ‘absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin’ spread its tentacles across the Middle East.  And under Bashar al-Assad, the Christian community in Syria has prospered—a fact that the globalist fraternity engineering this ‘civil war’ would discard as irrelevant.  Oh, and by the way, women living under the Assad regime go to school with the boys, earn higher education degrees, and hold  down jobs just like any other female in a civilized society.

Note there are women out-of-doors with their heads uncovered.  In Assad’s Syria, there is no compulsory Wearing of the Rag as there is in those Muslim pre-Medieval dung holes that Leftists love so much. The women in Assad’s Syria don’t face acid attacks or public beatings by hysterical barbaric Muslim mobs.

When it comes to the Middle East and choosing a regime to support, it’s pretty much a choice between Butcher A or Butcher B.  But here’s a helpful hint: Best to choose the Secular one.

Syria in a Nutshell



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Merry Christmas from Our President

President Trump and Two Little Words

God Bless Us Everyone!

(This is the BEST Christmas Ever!)


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Happy Thanksgiving, America!


Happy Thanksgiving to all those patriots who have sorrowed and stressed through depressing years of an un-American captivity.  Be of good cheer, my sisters and brothers.  I know it’s traumatic to be led out of the evil bondage of Egypt only to discover we haven’t instantly arrived at the Promise Land of  Milk and Honey.  What a shock to the ever-yeaning conservative spirit when it encounters yet more  struggles and strains as  it  wends its way through an uncharted political Wilderness. And how easily the tired and troubled mind swiftly turns to a grumbling and complaining humor.  But try not to savage our Moses, the  chosen champion who’s leading the way…. at least not until Inauguration Day.

I lost count of the miracles that were daily wrought to bring Donald Trump to a presidential victory and I’m spending my Thanksgiving on bended knee in faith, joy and gratitude to  the  great and glorious God  who has brought America this far.


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Trump Wins!

God Bless America!


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Never Forget: We Are The Best!

Never forget that America is the greatest land the world has ever witnessed.  Never forget that our enemies without and the quislings within are hard at work every day pushing their perverted mission to undermine and ultimately destroy our 240 year old bastion of democratic civilization.   And never forget that we, as the rightful heirs of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Lincoln,  are called to defend and uphold our Constitutional inheritance.  For if we live and fight as true stalwart scions of the American Republic, our cause and our country will ultimately prevail.

God bless America!






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4th of July 2016: A Great Time to be Alive

The following depiction of a genuine and legitimate revolutionary uprising demonstrates the risks, the sacrifices and the hardships endured by those who dared to declare their independence from the tyranny of a monolithic governmental bureaucracy.

Washington at Valley ForgeWashington and Lafayette at Valley Forge

And like our Founding Fathers (and Mothers), we too should expect to endure personal risks, personal sacrifices and personal hardships.  For the tremendous task of taking back our country, and reinstituting the values and precepts of our Constitution, is not an armchair enterprise.  From the first Tea Party uprisings of 2009 to the long cold isolation of our defeated Valley Forge mindset, we have endured both setbacks and betrayals.  But now the clarion call has sounded.  Arise!  Shake off  that frozen winter of despair and march onward to meet and defeat the fetid foes of our American Revolution.

We are the chosen ones—chosen to live, serve and fight at this moment in American history.  This is our destiny.  Embrace it!  For we have a war to win—we are here to fight for the very existence of our nation against those who would crush our land into the dregs of a shamed and purposeless glop of global automatons.  We will win this war, make no mistake—we will endure and we will win.

What a great time to be alive and kicking!  Or to quote Lou Dobbs, who tweeted out this pithy summary of my very own 4th of July sentiments:

Happy Independence Day, Everybody.
We’re On The Right Side of History!

 American Flag

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The Political Earthquake that was Orlando

OrlandoEarly Sunday morning on June 12, 2016, the foundational structure of the Progressive Left and its Democrat Party suffered a seismic shock that widened its tiny fissures of discontent into gaping fault lines of stunned anger and apprehension.  By Sunday afternoon, many sleepy, liberal eyes  had been  flicked wide open and were  transmitting  spasmodic warnings to stunned and befuddled brains.  Certainly, gays and lesbians across America were now  confronting  their suicidal  allegiance to a political party  hell-bent on creating and fostering a Third World Muslim ghetto smack dab in the middle of middle America.

Milo Yiannopoulos ✘@Nero
Liberals: The Problem with putting Muslims at the Top of your Victimhood Hierarchy is that THEY WANT TO KILL EVERYONE ELSE ON THE LIST.

Of course, the Left wasted no time in  unleashing its media yap dogs in an attempt to counter the surging crest of anti-Muslim, anti-Immigration fury and fear. The gun control narrative was quickly popped out of the Progressive goodie  pouch to try to deflect the horror of  this terrorist attack  away from the Muslim cockroach who committed it and onto the Left’s favorite fantasy freak out, The Gun.  And  right on the heels of  the 2nd Amendment negation came the preening, posturing Pharisees, those cosseted lesbian and gay quislings who make a big fat living off of Leftwing lunacy.  Surely, the preaching  parrots of the queer community could lower the rising tidal wave of opposition to the woman-hating, gay-hating ‘religion of peace’.

To Equate an Advanced Democratic Society’s Struggle over Social Issues to the Savagery of Muslims is an Immoral Ploy.

These  old and tired tactics from the Left  are both defensive in nature and desperate at heart.  Progressives have cried  Racist! Racist! Racist! for so damn long and so damn often that most of the too pliant American masses are now pretty much immune to the knee-jerk manipulation.  And as for the anti-Constitutional catechism of gun control, I think many more Americans today support an armed and prepared citizenry than ever before.

And as for gays in the USA…. as long as the barbaric practices against their queer Middle East brethren were happening over there, our party-hardy homos  could easily shut out the burned-alive bodies and the dropped-from-rooftop corpses.  But no more. The slaughter in Florida has changed all of that.  The reality of living cheek by jowl in a multicultural hell hole with aggressive pre-Medieval Muslims who seek to assimilate us has been pushed front and center with those bloody, bullet-torn bodies in Orlando.

And as for the Republican Establishment…. may they die a quick and uneasy political death. Their complicity in the weakening of our nation and their sickening sops to a globalist, pseudo-American screed has cost our country dearly.  We will root out each and every one of them and toss their careers on the slag heap of history.

Come November, we can all give our communal response to the Orlando Massacre and to those politicos who helped make it happen:

Vote for Donald Trump

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Donald Trump 2016

The Republican Party began this Presidential primary season with sixteen candidates.  Sixteen.  One would think that with sixteen GOP politicos to choose from, we registered Republicans would have had such a dreadful time determining a winner from such a sparkling array of puffed-up personalities. But in a bleary blink of a bought-and-paid-for jaundiced eye, these pillars of Republican-defined conservatism were quickly unmasked as Open Borders-Big Business-Globalist Grinches with nary a notion of concern for the welfare of the long-suffering American citizen.  All but one that is.

Make America Great Again

Of the Feckless Fifteen, we swiftly discovered that these dandified darlings, who we initially believed would fight for US jobs, secure our borders, control immigration,  exhibit fiscal responsibility, confront the bias of mass media, and uphold the Constitutional concepts and cultural values upon which America was founded,  were nothing more than…..choose one of the following:

[ ] Frauds

[ ] Liars

[ ] Wimps

[ ] Donor Puppets

[ ] All of the Above

And for those who nailed their oath of allegiance to the cross of Ted Cruz conservatism, there was a special kind of betrayal in store for them, although True Believers would never acknowledge it.

With Donald Trump we have the best candidate for the general election. The Donald will trounce Hillary Clinton in November.  Do I expect to get everything I want out of a Trump presidency?  Of course not.  But he’s THE ONLY CANDIDATE who has had the guts to loudly proclaim to all and sundry that the twin evils of Globalism and Open Borders are dramatically crippling our economy and our culture.  No other Republican has dared to give voice to these oh so obvious dangers facing America.  And that includes Mister Cruz.

There is a huge Tidal Wave that’s been building and building for years now and all the pushback inherent in that political Tsunami is encompassed in the candidacy of Donald Trump.  I give two Flying Fucks about some academic concept of conservatism that has been shoved down our throats for years now by snot-nosed pundits and foam-at-the-mouth Talking Heads, all for the sake of ideological purity. I want to see a flag-waving, America-focused president who is not a pimp for global corporations and simpering societal concerns that would push dysfunctional Third World agendas ahead of our own citizens’ wellbeing.



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The Cultural Retardation of Conservatives

DumbBreitbart reports today on Twitter’s latest efforts to clamp down on Conservative opinions  through its corrupted policy of  de-certifying popular conservative  Tweeters  and its  outright suspension of big-name conservative accounts. Heavily followed  conservative Twitter users have found themselves summarily punished for daring to  buck the social justice partyline that’s getting pushed big time by Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey.  But genuine social justice is getting its own back on Mister Jack, for the more  this jerk  pushes his Leftwing  agenda, the deeper the plunge of Twitter’s stock into that progressive shithole of total worthlessness.

The Breitbart article outlines Twitter’s latest maniacal maneuver to neuter the very  powerful and pervasive  presence of conservative commentators on their site. Overall, an informative news article. But what I found quite enlightening, if not reassuring, were the approximately 1300 (at last count) comments to this news story.  Click on the link above and take the time to scroll down through these unhealthy cowpats of Neanderthal thinking.  You’ll be stepping over  the digestive end-products of what passes for a conservative thought process.

One brave soul however who commented on the Twitter article voiced the obvious, self-evident query in response to such corporate Stalinism: Why is it that only people on the Left create these types of corporate social media ventures?

Wow!  The jackpot question.  Why indeed.  Where are we when it comes to creating social media enterprises and entertainment ventures? Why are Conservatives always nothing more than consumers of culture, never the creators? Why do we do nothing but complain and gripe and then complain and gripe some more when the Leftwing world doesn’t play fair? Where’s our entrepreneurial spirit, our go-getter aggressiveness, our we-can-build-it-too attitude?

Conservatives have a long way to go when it comes to cultural sophistication. They still don’t get how the world works and simply recoil with shock and total passivity when the Left rips their values and subverts their religious faith—all done through the mechanisms of culture which the Left controls.

Hate to break it to you, gals and guys, but you’ll have to do more than just mozy on down to the polling station every four years to elect the next savior du jour if you want to take back America.  Conservatives deserted the cultural playing field decades ago and amazingly they still don’t understand that they have to suit-up and show-up in order to win the game.

And oh dear, all the excuses as to why there’s really nothing Conservatives can do to change things….just read some of the pathetic slop that so many brave and bold patriots at Breitbart had to say as to why it’s all so very dreary and hopeless.  Such convenient defeatism is  indicative of the passivity and victim-hood mindset that permeates Conservative thinking. The biggest crybaby ninnies are on the Right. The people who spout off about patriotism and entrepreneurship and pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps turn out to be a bunch of whining do-nothings who look for any justification under the sun to stay nice and snug in their safe spaces.

Is it the constant depression and hopelessness pumped out by Talk Radio that feeds this mindset? Is it the sense of helplessness brought on by being on the outside of culture looking in that perpetuates such a nothing-can-be-done-about-it attitude?

If it weren’t for the Internet there would be no viable conservative movement at all.  Outside of the virtual world, conservatism ain’t to be found.  Now what does that say about what should be a grassroots cultural movement?

Conservatism is bingeing on the junk food of political bluster and blowhard when it really needs a steady diet of cultural creativity and financial risk-taking.

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Merry Christmas: Our Revolutionary Battle Cry!

Merry Christmas

Christmas Hearth

I have placed a Merry Christmas sign in the back window of my car for all the driving world to see.  And I now conclude each and every public transaction, whether it be with the check-out clerk at the grocery store or with the kid who hands me my fast-food meal through the drive-through window, with a happy and hearty Merry Christmas!  

At work, I have placed a big Merry Christmas! stencil in the window of my office and when needing to mention the company’s annual celebration, I always refer to it as the Christmas Party, not the holiday party.  I’ve only been corrected once for uttering that scandalous word but calmly explained to my politically duped colleague that I am celebrating Christmas, the holiday that is intrinsically part of America’s culture and wasn’t it rather silly to pretend otherwise.  So if people felt offended by the word Christmas, a Christian religious holy day, then perhaps they were in need of in-depth diversity training.  Smiled sweetly.  End of discussion.  Score one for our side.

So come on, all you closet Christians and all you petrified patriots—stick your necks out and create a little joyful noise.  It’s fun, it’s empowering, and it’s pushback.

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

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9/11 Meets The Iran Deal

Never Forget?

9-113The Obama Administration and the Republican Establishment have a convenient case of amnesia when it comes to our country’s 21st century affairs.  For some literally God-forsaken reason, these demented dolts have decided to bankroll Planet Earth’s terrorism tycoons in a supposed monetary gesture of good-will and brokered peace in our time.  Well, certainly that pesky global threat of state-sponsored death and mayhem isn’t sitting on the front-burner of DC’s collective consciousness these days. The likes of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, who meander around the halls of Congress like bleary-eyed sheep searching for their next bit of grassy grazing, are too politically wasted and too financially fed to feel any potential danger from the maniacal mullahs of Iran.  They either don’t see a definitive threat or quite frankly they refuse to.  So then, what really is the big deal with the Iran Deal?

Well, to put it succinctly, the Iran Deal is nothing more than a geopolitical extension of Barack Obama’s hate fest for all things Western and all things White.  Think of the Iran Deal as the Big Brother of the BDS Movement. If the Left can’t cripple that Middle Eastern oasis of Western European Culture through the use of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions, then why not perform some big-time buggering to the balance of power in the Middle East.

The Left, with the aid of the Pander Pair running the Republican sideshow in Congress, is hell-bent on doing a little ‘equalizing’ of the Middle East conflict by propping up Iran’s Demented Dysfunctional Dictatorship distinction. You see, if any state, tribe, or gaggle of loosely connected losers can hang a claim to Third World Other status, then these purveyors of failure and inferiority get to win the anti-West jackpot of Lefty love and adoration.

The Iran Deal is just another maneuver to minimize and destabilize a thriving Westernized nation.  Israel, a modern successful country founded in 1948 and built from the sifting sands of antiquity by Westernized Jews puts a hard thumb in the jaundiced eye of a very backward and archaic Muslim culture, a culture that can’t find the evolutionary capacity to advance beyond a pre-Medieval mentality.

With the Iran Deal, the March of Madness will now get first class accommodations on the BDS Express courtesy of the United States government.

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Kim Davis and The Great Conservative Sellout

No Wimp ZoneOther than a couple of Republican politicians, the only voices being raised in the defense of Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk imprisoned, yes, let me say that again, imprisoned for refusing to issue a marriage license to two gay men, have been the queer voices of lesbians and gays.  Yep, it seems only us homos care enough about the injustice being done in Kentucky to open our political mouths and express a little outrage.  Now ain’t that a sweet Come to Jesus conservative irony.

Even the Hollywood Homosexual B-Team is rooting for Kim Davis.  Here are the comments of Madonna’s openly gay brother, Christopher Ciccone who not only defends Ms. Davis but also manages to do a little bitch-slapping of Leftwing double standards:

The county clerk in Kentucky deserves about as much support as you would give her if she were a Muslim woman who insisted on covering her face and refused not only gay marriages licenses, but divorce, accusations of rape and driving a car without her man’s approval.

Why should she (follow federal law) when the DOJ and other civil authorities don’t follow federal law when they choose not to, i.e. Washington State and Colorado (POT) come to mind…or the abstract notion of ‘sanctuary cities.’  I always thought that sanctuary was the province of churches.

So why are Conservatives (and Christians) either ignoring the plight of one of their own or dramatically shape-shifting themselves into Jeb Bush Mini-Me’s in an outlandish attempt to excuse their non-involvement?

Well, here’s my analysis on The Great Conservative Sellout:  If a political or social issue can’t be addressed or remedied through legislation or an election cycle, Conservatives simply roll over and give up.  Conservatives see potential remedies only through the political prism of the Republican Party and the next election.  They literally can’t or won’t think outside of the voting booth box.  And of course, most conservatives are too afraid to stick their necks out especially if doing so might bring the wrath of the Gay Gestapo down upon their patriotic heads.

A very brave woman is conducting an act of Civil Disobedience against a Supreme Court ruling and what are her compatriots doing? They’re running away from her as fast as their little weaselly feet-of-clay can take them.

It seems that if anyone suggests or (gasp!) actually engages in Civil Disobedience in support of a Conservative cause, most Conservatives in America clutch their passive-aggressive pearls and swoon away at the very idea. So-called Conservatives are deliberately abandoning a woman who has the friggin guts to do what most of the big-mouthed male and female faux-Patriots are too timid, too complacent, and too stupid to do.

We’ve all heard the gimpy brush-offs: It’s THE LAW….She took an OATH…She should resign if she can’t uphold THE LAW…The Supreme Court ruled and now there’s NOTHING WE CAN DO…It’s LAW Now.

Belated Newsflash for all you brainy Americanas out there—THE LEFT OWNS THE LAW.

How disheartening to witness these weak sisters of Conservatism twist themselves into convoluted knots of stalwart citizenship in an attempt to justify deserting this gutsy woman. They simply won’t admit the real reason they’re harrumphing about laws and pontificating about oaths: Conservatives fear the Gay GestapoThey’re afraid of being targeted, afraid of being called names, afraid of the risks involved in rallying around Kim Davis.

Duck and Cover!

Why would anyone presume we can Take Back America by focusing only on the oh so safe process of election cycles and legislation? Civil Disobedience is a time-tested political tactic as are boycotts, picketing, and targeted acts of legal intimidation.  Gee, Gandhi thought nothing of flouting British laws when he pushed-back on colonialism by organizing non-violent demonstrations and public acts of disobedience. Oh, but not us good little Conservative boys and girls here in the USA.  Oh No, we can’t buck the system like that. Of course not, and don’t the Lefties love it—they can always count on Chickenshit Conservatives throwing up our hands in disgruntled resignation.

How amusing it is to see hard-assed Conservatives fret and fume over the incompetent wimpiness of RINO capitulation, yet these deluded darlings of all things Right-wing haven’t a clue that they’re tainted by the same deadly Do-Nothing DNA.

The imprisonment of Kim Davis is making many Conservatives and Lefties very uncomfortable. But her imprisonment presents us with the opportunity to not only show our support but also our CLOUT. But that would require courage, commitment, grassroots organization, and a pushback mentality that so many Conservatives shun.

If you oppose gay marriage and you’re one of those Conservatives who think Ms. Davis should just resign her job or obey THE LAW, please take the time to look in the mirror and get a good gander at why America is where she is today.

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Only Liberals Get to Violate Their Oaths, You Idiots

It’s Come To This

Kim Davis

I Stand With Kim Davis

White House on Jailing of Kentucky Clerk: “No public official” is Above the Law — Talking Points Memo (@TPM) September 3, 2015

As a Gay Woman #IStandWithKimDavis because I’m tired of Gay Gestapo planting their flag wherever they want–Enough Already— linda_her (@linda_her) September 4, 2015

But We Would’ve Followed THE LAW and Could Self-Righteously Pat Ourselves on the Back for Being Such Good Citizens — Lesbian Conservative (@lesbianoutsider) September 4, 2015

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The Donald: The Ultimate Fear Factor

The DonaldNothing quite says Holy Crisis, Batman! for the Republican Party than the loud, rough, and braggadocious voice of Donald Trump. Speaking in tones not attuned to the solemn and very middle-class meows of mellow non-threatening Establishment types, The Donald shocks and infuriates both the standard-issue GOP suits and the pristine elements within the Conservative movement

One only needs to flash through the articles of the Wall Street Journal, the National Review Online, or PJ Media, et. al. to get a regular dose of disdainful anti-Donald dictates. But what has really shaken the inner sanctum of these self-appointed conservative opinion-makers (and I include some smug Talk Radio Hosts in this category) is the outright rejection of their highfalutin’ edicts by their own readers and subscribers.

Since dumping on The Donald hasn’t gotten his thankful followers to cut ranks and run, many Conservative purists have decided to take potshots at Trump’s disciples themselves. Trumpets, Trumpsters, Trumpettes (take your pick) get a regular dose of denigration when not getting written-off entirely as kooks and crazies. Yes, these supposedly ‘low information’ voters just don’t know what’s really good for them as envisioned by the Republican brain trust that has brought us eight years of Barack Obama and his ‘transforming’ agenda.

Yes, we live in interesting times. Who would have thought that the Trump Factor would magnetize the disgust and anger that so many Republicans feel for their party and its key players.  There have been many explanations and analyses on why The Donald is dominating, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

What I care about is the total destruction of as many sacred cows adorning the altar of public policy and social discourse, the worship of which dominates our culture and our lives.  The idols of multiculturalism, anti-White hate, reverse racism, anti-Americanism, open borders, Latino-Touting, double-standards, micro-aggressions, ethnic and racial pandering, cop hating, climate change, gender-as-a-social construct, anti-Christian hate, BDS…..yep, the list goes on and on. We are forced to bow down to these sacred cows day in and day out as we are whipped relentlessly for the pseudo-sin of being the most advanced, self-reflective, self-correcting, and successful nation on God’s globe.

Emperor Has No ClothesI don’t give a royal rat’s ass that Donald Trump is not really conservative. What has caught my undivided attention is that in the past few weeks, for the first time ever, this country is openly discussing and arguing about the ramifications of illegal immigration, open borders, and amnesty.  And these discussions are happening everywhere, not just within the confines of conservative self-talk. By standing on that Fox News debate stage and simply speaking truth to power (to borrow an overused phrase from the Lefty lexicon) this wealthy corporate blowhard blew right by the competition and a few of those sacred cows were rocked from their pious pedestals.

Will The Donald have the huff and puff to run the course of Republican primaries? Who knows. But let’s hope he lasts long enough to smash a few more golden calves and lay bare the gelded loins of the Republican Establishment.

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Dial-A-RINO For the Amnesty Shuffle

Are you bewildered by the linguistic gymnastics of our political betters when it comes to that pesky problem of illegal immigration?  Are you confused by the slippery slogans and canned clichés of the Republican Establishment when those Dinosaurs of Leftwing Lite heave forth on the theme of border security and citizenship for illegal aliens?  Well gang, welcome to the RINO world of fabricated befuddlement and industrious misdirection.  And who best to chart the manufactured maze of Establishment twists and turns than Mark Steyn of SteynOnline, that Conservative commentator extraordinaire.

Trump is full of it, too. But at least he’s full of it in English rather than bullsh*t. Which is what you’re speaking when you talk about “pathways to citizenship” and “comprehensive immigration reform”. They’re Democrat evasions, and the Republican base is entitled at the very minimum to demand (answers from) Republican candidates who come up with some weaselly duplicitous evasions of their own.

A significant section of the GOP base is sick of dialing Republican headquarters and hearing:Press 1 for Spanish, Press 2 for Consultant-approved claptrap, Press 3 for artful straddle, Press 4 for all disavowals of last year’s positions, Press 5 for endless looped replays of John McCain’s amusing primary-season-only super-butch ‘Build the danged fence!’ commercial, Press 6 for live audio feed of John McCain teaching Lindsey Graham how to say ‘Danged!’, Press 7 if you know the Spanish for ‘Danged!’, Press 8 to hear Jeb Bush say ‘No amnesty, not on my watch, No Sirree!’, Press 9 to hear Jeb Bush say ‘Viva la danged Amnistía!’ If you wish someone to speak to you in Non-Forked-Tongue English, please stay on the line and wait for an operator.”

“Unfortunately, the holding period for a straight-talking Republican operator to take your call can not be estimated at this time.  And please note that callers seeking clear, sense-making responses to the issue of illegal immigration may be disconnected without warning. We appreciate your continued support of the Republican Party and know you can be counted on in 2016 to vote for the candidate of our choice.”

The Amnesty Shuffle.  Now who ever said RINOs couldn’t dance?

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The Hillary Hilarity Begins in Earnest

MedusaIt’s official: The She Devil of the Democrat Party is running for President. Yep, the Diva of All Deeds Down and Dirty made the announcement today without showing her face or uttering a single syllable. But can we really blame the Bitch of Benghazi for her reticence and reserve?  I mean after all, when you shout What Difference Does It Make?! to a Congressional oversight committee asking how four Americans that you were responsible for ended-up as decaying corpses, well, you’ve pretty much shot your welcome wad.  And of course, if the only response you can muster to explain away your private email server is a pathetic Happy Hillary Homemaker routine, then I guess it’s best to lie low and keep your corrupt carcass out of the glaring limelight.

Remember back in 2010 when the Clinton Cow declared that her running days were all behind her? Most conservatives didn’t believe her lying bullshit for one Monica Lewinsky minute. Here’s what the Lesbian Conservative had to say way back then about Madam Alinsky’s presidential aspirations:

August 10, 2010:

I think a 2016 run for the White House is the action plan for the Clinton clan.  The Hill wants her butt on that presidential chair as the first female President of the United States and she’ll do whatever it takes.  So, as far as her playing second fiddle to that Affirmative Action diddle, well, I think Hillary will do exactly what she’s doing now: suck it up, play ball, and wait.

And let’s not forget the Real Rodham Grand Design: Holding On To Billy’s Willy—no matter the countless cavities his prick has poked.  Billy is Hilly’s one and only ticket to ride…and she knows it.

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Be of Good Christmas Cheer, Dear Patriots

It’s been a good year for our side.  Yep, the Common Sense Movement, aka Conservatism, gained a nice bit of ground, not only in the political arena, but on the cultural front as well.  Of course, there is a rough and ready road ahead, but the year 2014 laid a solid foundation upon which new avenues of change and reconstruction can be built. The outcome of the November elections was exciting and a just-in-time big win for our side.  But let’s not slight the victories of our Common Sense Warriors who smacked away at the crumbling cultural castles of outdated liberalism exposing, not a bulwark of brick and mortar, but a flimsy piñata of papier-mâché.  As we all should know by now, culture and politics are the yin-yang of American civilization. There is no winning at the ballot box without capturing the hearts and minds of the folks on the home front.

So just how victorious were we this year?  Well, if you listen a lot to the blowhard bleaters of Talk Radio, you’re probably walking around this holiday season with a sense of impending doom, just counting the days until those RINO retreads sellout our movement in January.  That Conservative penchant for wading through the backwaters of hopelessness and despair when it comes to the state of American politics and culture has always been a source of head-scratching perplexity for me. Why would anyone willingly bathe in the deep dark pools of poisonous depression? Why would good, hard-working men and women cling to the capsized credo of doom and gloom, extolling the status quo as an unyielding bastion of Left-wing certitude?

Perhaps the disciples of a Constitutional perspective are harkening way too much to the horror hype of the hustling heralds of perpetual disaster, those bombastic centurions of conservative Talk Radio who preach a soul-wasting, fear-filled gospel of Armageddon to the flag-waving faithful five days a week.  Tune-in to almost any syndicated or local Talk Radio program and you’ll get a hefty dose of downright defeatism packed into those sinister sermons and tyrannical tirades. With the peddling of never-ending negativity and the hawking of foregone failure so deeply embedded in these radio rants, is it any wonder that the communal slogan of so many of the truly patriotically minded is the sad-sack reactive exclamation, Look what they’re doing to us now! 

I find it more than a bit bizarre that the personal responsibility constituency, the create-your-own-destiny bootstrap boys and girls, who supposedly abhor the victim-hood identity politics of progressivism, would so eagerly embrace such an unholy and unwholesome helplessness.

You better believe there will be challenges, setbacks, and failures in our future.  That’s life in the big bad world of grown-ups.  We’re facing the power of a corrupted America.  The anti-American cockroaches infested our institutions long ago as we snored away like Rip Van Winkles, barely conscious of the wider world around us. Our reality is what it is, folks.  We fight where we stand.  There is no magic wand to be waved, no one election to win that will instantly save us from the divisive anarchy we have allowed to proliferate.  So hunker down for the long haul.  And for goodness sake, get positive!  Thoughts and words matter.  We can’t reach our goal if we wallow in spirit-killing pessimism.

Here’s a summary of our 2014 Cultural Victories as outlined by the liberal media:

Shell-shocked liberals are beginning to grasp some inconvenient truths. No gun massacre is horrible enough to change Americans’ ideas about gun control. No UN Climate Report will get a climate treaty through the U.S. Senate. No combination of anecdotal and statistical evidence will persuade Americans to end their longtime practice of giving police officers extremely wide discretion in the use of force. No “name and shame” report, however graphic, from the Senate Intelligence Committee staff will change the minds of the consistent majority of Americans who tell pollsters that they believe that torture is justifiable under at least some circumstances. No feminist campaign will convince enough voters that the presumption of innocence should not apply to those accused of rape.  Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

And a little panic from the Left over The Bloody Aftermath of the November Elections:

The Obama presidency has been a devil’s bargain for Democrats…the administration’s political impact has been virtually catastrophic…Democrats are down seventy seats in the House and fifteen in the Senate, giving an increasingly reactionary Republican Party the power to stymie most if not all of the Democrats’ agenda. But this actually understates the damage. Democrats are now the minority in over two-thirds of the nation’s partisan state legislative chambers, their worst showing in history. In twenty-three of these, Republicans will control the governor’s office, too.  Eric Alterman, The Nation

And my sense of smug satisfaction would not be satiated without highlighting the Ten Feminist Fiascoes of 2014 compliments of the LA Times:

  • The “Gang Rape” Hoax at the University of Virginia
  • Wendy Davis and Mark Udall Uterus Campaigns
  • Rotherham Rape Culture Hypocrisy
  • #Shirtstorm Triviality
  • Hobby Lobby Boycott Failure
  • The Nine West Shoe Ad RageFest Against Motherhood
  • The Great Spider-Woman Sexist Derriere Scandal
  • F-Bombs from Little Girls for Feminism
  • Amanda Marcotte’s ‘Rape is a Home-cooked Meal’ Screed
  • Ban Bossy Campaign Begun by Ball-Busting Bitches

The year 2014 was the year that laid bare so much of the disgusting hypocrisy and outrageous inanities of the liberal Left’s mindset. Despite the assassination of two NYC policemen, or perhaps because of their murders, the violently dangerous agendas of the shock troops used by the Democrat party have been exposed for all to see.

Despite our casualties, the tide is turning, my friends. Make no mistake about that fact.  We mourn our dead and comfort our comrades-in-arms but we fight on to victory.

Have a great holiday!

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Pearl Harbor and the Price of Isolationism

It’s 1941 and America is sleeping while the world is boiling and burning.  Yep, we snoozed away throughout the 1930s, deep asleep within those topsy-turvy dreams of a passive USA all snug and secure in her cozy cradle of seclusion.  Who the hell cares if Nazis are marching across the map of Europe. What business is it of ours if England is getting obliterated by Blitzkrieg bombs.  And let those crummy Japs pillage, rape, and slaughter their way across that hell-hole called Asia.  We ain’t the god-damn policeman for the planet.

Pearl Harbor BattleshipSound familiar?  The names and places may change over time but the plot line and the story theme remain the same.  Amazing how the human species works so very hard at ignoring the lessons of recent history.  And ain’t it head-shakingly crazy how the pacifist message has morphed into an America-hating hashtag idolizing every dysfunctional and archaic culture that threatens the very harmony these self-righteous peaceniks endlessly hype.

December 7, 1941 is America’s worldview reality check.  This is why we’ll never, ever forget.

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A Thanksgiving Truism from Pat Sajak

Spin the WheelAmerica’s Wheel of Fortune

Pat SajakPat Sajak@patsajak

We should give thanks that our country still stands…despite the number of turkeys we’ve voted for over the years.

 Amen to That!

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The Thanksgiving Trick: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

Ding-Dong!  The Illegal Freeloaders Are Here!

Cartoon-Obama's Immigration

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Veterans Day

Veterans DayWhere Would We Be Without Them

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