Dan Brown’s Inferno: Population Control Runs Amok

What could be more exciting than a run-for-your-life romp through the tourist-packed byways and buildings of one of Italy’s most artistically beautiful cities?  And what could be more deflating than to discover that the supposed good guys in this modern-day Medieval/Renaissance thriller are all a bunch of illiberal paternalistic White Progressives hell-bent on saving the planet from its people?

InfernoIf you fantasize about financially well-off White men with Ivy League credentials who gad about the globe on gossamer wings of ethereal righteousness saving civilization from the selfish preoccupations of the moronic masses, then you’ll probably feel a few choice tingles run up your hairy legs on reading Dan Brown’s progressive version of the coming Apocalypse.

Yes, once again, Dan Brown’s Harvard hero, Robert Langdon, is gallivanting around Western Europe and this time out he’s running for his life through the historic alleyways of Florence, the ancestral home of the medieval poet, Dante Alighieri.  Struggling with amnesia, our cerebral Harvard celebrity attempts to unravel the meaning of a cryptic message encased in a biohazard cylinder. With the help of Botticelli’s modified masterpiece, Mappa dell’Inferno (Map of Hell), and with Langdon’s flawless ability to recall every nook and cranny of every twist and turn ever to be found in Florence’s Old City, Inferno’s plot whips the reader along on a ham-fisted mystery tour of the art and architecture of this Medici metropolis.

As Langdon and his ultra intelligent female companion, Sienna Brooks, attempt to save humanity while simultaneously saving themselves from getting blown to oblivion by the US government, the Italian constabulary, and a blonde bimbo assassin working for an evil for-profit consulting firm, the reader is endlessly pummeled with not-to-be-believed plot contrivances, corny literary devices, clichéd central characters, and an undisguised Progressive propaganda agenda grandstanding for the Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Inferno’s main theme goes like this: The planet is faced with its greatest foe, the horrid human species.  And if something drastically isn’t done to curb the breeding habits of these loathsome beasts, the earth will collapse under the weight of their collective chaos and the total economic disaster that surely will follow. Enter the World Health Organization ably represented by  Elizabeth Sinskey, the older, wiser, white-haired, White woman doing her damnedest to sterilize those dark-skinned people on the African continent. Think Kathleen Sebelius.  And no, Madam Sinskey is not one of Inferno’s bad boys—she’s one of its heroines. The not-so-bad bad guy turns out to be Bertrand Zobrist, yet another super intelligent White Progressive who has developed an airborne virus that can sterilize at least one-third of the world’s population. Can this not-so-evil genius be stopped before his planet-saving virus is released upon the stupidly unsuspecting masses?

Spoiler Alert! Nope, our handsome Harvard hero, along with his trusty Progressive allies, fails to stop the release of the virus and one-third of the world’s people end up sterilized.  But of course, there’s a sunny-side to this not-so-terrible outcome.  In the words of Kathleen Sebelius aka Elizabeth Sinskey: “I may disagree with Bertrand’s (Zobrist) methods, but his assessment of the state of the world is accurate. This planet is facing a serious overpopulation issue.  If we manage to neutralize Bertrand’s virus without a viable alternate plan we are simply back at square one.” In other words, folks, Hooray for Bertrand!

BillGatesBrown’s book, which runs to 104 chapters, not including the prologue and epilogue, is nothing more than a wasted read.  The ‘heroes’ are attempting to stop another ‘hero’ from committing an act that they actually, when all is said and done, support—yes, creating a virus is a bit over the top, and rest assured that the Gates Foundation, the WHO, and all the other wonderful Progressive agencies would never ever contemplate such a drastic move.  However, now that the deed is done, let’s secretly offer our thanks to good old Bertrand for having the balls to do what us guardians of all that is grand and good really really wanted to do.

The last section of this Progressive handbook on Armageddon doesn’t hold back on the propaganda. The Sebelius character trashes the Catholic Church for meddling in the WHO’s population control efforts in Africa.  Meddling, hmmm….so the Gates Foundation can march all over Africa as it tries to stop Black people from breeding, but the Vatican is meddling when they push their own agenda there? Of course, we all know that a rich White computer geek from the USA is absolutely qualified to manipulate the breeding habits of Black people in Africa and indeed wholly justified in violating the cultural sovereignty of African nations. After all, Mister WhiteAss is saving the Planet!  Nuff Said!

Onward, Rich Progressives, marching as to war;
With the cash of cronies going on before.
Gates, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
Forward into battle see his condoms go!

Mr. Brown quotes the illustrious and devoutly religious Dante at the end of this long, long progressive saga: “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”

Apparently Danny Boy thinks that Dante’s aphorism serves as a green light for Progressive politicos to act upon the masses as if they were mere cattle, all in the name of yet another ideological world-saving secular orgasm. By some egotistically warped brain spasm, Herr Brown and all the other We-Know-Best Jackbooters have failed to factor the obvious—that the moral aspects of any crisis arise out of the methods and means we use to solve those challenges, not out of the challenges themselves.

Sorry, Dan-O, but Dante Alighieri would be the first to point the finger of moral condemnation at the likes of you and your book.

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Obesity Epidemic: It Ain’t the Fat

USDA Food PyramidForget the conventional wisdom of why and how people get fat.  Ignore the medical and scientific mouthpieces who have set the stage for the monumental rise in the rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Cancer.  And run from the Food Pyramids, the Food Plates, and all those Nutritional Guidelines put out by such bureaucracies as the USDA, the Food PlateCDC, the NIH, and all other establishment entities hell-bent on perpetuating the Fat Is Evil Fallacy.  Why?  Because simply put, it ain’t the FAT, people, it ain’t the FAT.  The obesity culprit has always been lurking in plain sight, but perversely, this demon of lifestyle disease has been given pride of place in the nutritional graphs of heart-healthy hedonists and weight loss fanatics who have arrogantly declared for decades that the bulk of our carefully calculated daily calories should come from carbohydrates.  Whether the political science pontifications issue forth from our federal overlords or from the interfering local loonies who would legislate against the cherry-picked eating peccadilloes of a long-suffering population, the wilted wisdom these medical politicos are fabricating is nothing more than half-baked science fiction.

Big FAT Lies

So what causes Obesity?  Well, the following two popular hypotheses put forward as fact by the medical establishment point the finger at FAT and Overeating.  But I dare to declare that:

  • It ain’t the Toxic Environment of Affluence where fast food and couch potato non-activity dominate the lifestyle habits of the average American.  Overeating and High Fat intake are singled out as the villains in this theory.

  • It ain’t Caloric Balance which is based on the Law of Thermodynamics and proclaims that weight gain results when calorie intake exceeds calorie expenditure.  In other words, a calorie is a calorie is a calorie and it doesn’t matter where those calories come from.  If you consume more calories than you burn, you get Fat, so this theory states.

It’s the INSULIN, Stupid!

But there’s an alternative theory of Obesity that has gotten a lot of play and press, but unfortunately, not among the medical aficionados.  This theory is called the Lipophilia Hypothesis and turns our understanding of weight gain on its head.  The Lipophilia Hypothesis states that all calories are not equal and that Overeating is the CONSEQUENCE of getting Fat, not the CAUSE.  Following is an excellent point-by-point comparison of the Caloric Balance explanation of weight gain with the Lipophilia Theory.

Phenomenon Caloric Balance Explanation Lipophilia Explanation
1. Weight Gain Over eating and inactivity–i.e.failed calorie counting–cause us to get fat. Overeating and inactivity are consequences of getting fat.
2. Weight Loss Appetite control and increased activity–i.e. being a good calorie calculator–cause us to lose fat. Appetite control and increased activity are consequences of losing fat.
3. Weight Maintenance To maintain a constant weight over time, one must consciously regulate calories in/calories out. Unconscious homeostatic mechanisms maintain our weight over time, just like they maintain other aspects of the interior milieu, like body temperature.
4. Calorie is a Calorie? The body is a simple machine: a calorie is a calorie. All calories are not equal. The second law of thermodynamics suggests that the body is a complex machine.
5. Obesity Epidemic An epidemic of overeating and inactivity has caused the obesity epidemic. The switch to a low fat/high carb diet has caused the obesity epidemic.
6. Diseases of Civilization Says nothing about why obesity associates with diseases of civilization like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, malnutrition and gout. Obesity associates with diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, malnutrition, and gout because they all stem from a common cause: chronic hyperinsulinemia.
7. Low Carb Diets Carb restricted diets and other measures taken to improve blood insulin levels only lead to weight loss if calorie counting leads to calorie restriction. The low carb diet and other measures taken to improve blood insulin levels can lead to weight loss even when calories are unrestricted.
8. Role of Behavior vs. Role of Physiology in Obesity Obesity is a psychological problem that can be fixed by being a better calorie calculator. Obesity is a physiological problem that can often be fixed simply by a low carb diet.
9. What is Our Fat Tissue The calorie calculator theory says absolutely nothing about how, why, when, and where excess calories ‘turn into’ fat and nothing about why some people get fat while others don’t. Provides a very specific explanation of how, why, when, and where fat accumulates as well as why some people get fat and others don’t.
10. Unexplained Weight Changes People who gain/lose fat as the result of drugs, genetics, diseases, brain injuries, natural body development, hormonal or metabolic shifts or other biochemical activity only do so because these factors somehow change their calorie intake/expenditure. Weight changes resulting from medications, genetics, hormonal changes, and so forth must be caused by indirect changes to fat tissue metabolism.
11. Public Conviction that Calories Count Health authorities almost unanimously support the calorie calculator theory because the evidence supports it and/or because competing hypotheses, like Lipophilia, have been disproven. It is the only correct way to interpret the first law of thermodynamics. Health authorities almost unanimously support the calorie calculator theory only because they are unaware that the Lipophilia Hypothesis even exists and because they have, by and large, ignored the science supporting the low carb diet and ignored the possibility that the first law of thermodynamics could support an alternative theory.

The Logic of the Lipophilia Hypothesis is Straightforward:

Carbohydrates Drive Insulin, Insulin Drives Fat

But getting the boneheads in the medical profession to give up their distorted pet approaches to the treatment of obesity is a battle of seismic proportions.  Focusing almost exclusively on symptoms and treating symptoms as if they were the cause of this diet dilemma has become an entrenched medical mindset.

Just look at the Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Scam that has been a boon to Big Pharma.  Despite all the clinical studies showing that cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart disease, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology are now calling for even more Americans to be placed on Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs, medications that cost a mint and come replete with dangerous side-effects.  Oh, these statins will lower your cholesterol alright, but as all the studies have shown again and again, Cholesterol-Lowering drugs will not protect you from having a heart attack.  And excuse me for asking the obvious here, but isn’t that why people are supposed to be taking these damn pills?

You don’t have to be an Atkins addict or a Paleo Pal to benefit from a Low Carb Diet.  But if you need a little more convincing as to the research and real science behind the Carbs>Insulin>Fat concept, I highly recommend that you take the time to listen to the rebellious voices of Gary Taubes (Science Researcher), Donald Miller, MD (Cardiac Surgeon), and Robert Lustig, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist).

Gary Taubes is an excellent speaker who presents his data compellingly and comprehensively.  Everything you’ll need to know about the fat is fatal fairytale is presented here in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Donald Miller is not exactly Speaker of the Year nor is this luncheon venue super conducive to a dynamic presentation.  But he pulls no punches in his attack on the standard medical approach to cholesterol and cardiac disease.  So sit back and enjoy all that saturated fat.

Robert Lustig is on a mission to minimize sugar in all its forms.  As a pediatric endocrinologist who works with obese kids, Doctor Lustig presents a well-documented and evenly paced polemic on how Sugar, aka Carbs, is killing us not so softly.

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Our Sub-Par President: The Poster War in Santa Monica

They seek him here, they seek him there, those Lefties seek him everywhere!  But as of today, the powers that be in Santa Monica California have not been able to grab the graffiti artist who has been papering their seaside community with unflattering posters of our 44th president.


Subpar President

An unknown artist is covering the streets of Santa Monica, Calif., with posters declaring President Obama to be “subpar.”  The artwork, which features images of Obama golfing can be found on trash cans, in Porta-potties, and on street benches.  The appearance of the posters coincided with the PGA tour which was played at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades just outside Santa Monica over the weekend.  Washington Free Beacon

I don’t think the Mysterious Message Maven in Santa Monica has taken into account that our progressive president has been granted a phenomenal Affirmative Action Handicap by the duplicitous duffers of the Democrat party.  You all know what I mean—that racial crybaby crib sheet for the competency-challenged liberal politician who is out-matched by other players on the course.  Just a few riotous rule changes to ensure that the Chicago Gangsta Golfer is getting a little leg-up at the tolerance tee.

So when Republican rubes get beaned in the brain by Obama goofballs and greeted by loud and raucous roars of Racist!, well, it’s just a down-and-dirty deviation as dictated by the Democrats.  After all, shouldn’t the Affirmative Action Man get to deliberately plunk his political opponents in order to play through?  As the sporting man’s motto in the language of Liberalese sums up the situation quite elegantly: Fairness and Honesty from thee, Deceit and Fraud from me.

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UAW CarpetBaggers Tossed Out of Tennessee

Union NOThe unionizing of the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee was supposed to be an easy victory for the United Auto Workers.  Finding unprecedented support from the management of the plant, the UAW bosses surmised a simple slam-dunk in their first campaign battle to subjugate the recalcitrant, right-to-work South.  But surprise, surprise—instead of picking that soiled union label to be forever welded to their wallets, the VW workers, to the shock and chagrin of progressive toadies everywhere, pinned the turn-down tail on this Democrat donkey.

The employees of the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant knew darn well they were nothing more than sacrificial pawns in the power politics of Big Labor and its Corporate Crony.  Congratulations to these hard-working men and women for having the guts to tell the UAW to Hit the Road, Jackass!

So now that the UAW has gotten its collective teeth kicked in by the right-to-work rebels in Tennessee, how does this union defeat impact its symbiotic partner in crime, the Democrat Party?

According to Opensecrets.org, of the top ten political donors in the last 25 years, six are unions. And they all overwhelmingly donated to Democratic causes and candidates….Thus, unions have such a disproportionate influence over the Democratic Party for the simplest of reasons: they buy it. How much longer that will continue is a good question. There is no reason to think that the long-term decline in the private sector will not continue. And in places where union dues are no longer collected by governments (such as in Wisconsin), public sector union members have been leaving in droves. Obviously, they don’t think they have been getting value for their money. That is also a trend that is likely to spread.  Commentary

Golly gee, I think I feel an ABBA song coming on……


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Ann Coulter Clobbers Wendy Davis

As us folks on the Right Side of Life continue to be amused at the autobiographical farce pumped out by Wendy Davis, the Democrat Darling of the Women’s Right to Murder Movement, I found a few snarky observations from Ann Coulter concerning this Democrat Diva that nicely sum up the personal persona of Gold-Digger Davis.

Wendy Davis Shoes

After hacking through the fiction of Davis’ personal history and exposing even more unsavory tidbits, such as Davis’ husband’s accusation of adultery and Davis’ non-existent working class background (her father owned two businesses which is where his darling daughter worked as a teenager), Ann Coulter, our distaff doyenne of conservative commentary, goes to town on the trumped up heroism of Wendy Davis.

  • Hey — maybe Jeff Davis should run for governor! He’s the one who raised two kids, including a stepdaughter, while holding down a job and paying for his wife’s law school. There’s a hard-luck story!

  • Wendy boasted to the Dallas Morning News: “I very willingly, as part of my divorce settlement, paid child support.” Would a divorced dad get a medal for saying that??

  • Davis also said these attacks “won’t work, because my story is the story of millions of Texas women …” Yes, for example, Anna Nicole Smith. Though at least Smith had the decency not to ask for a paid education.

  • Feminists rushed to the stores to buy the shoes Davis wore during her famous filibuster. I’d like the shoes she was wearing when she met her Sugar Daddy.

Go, girl!  Ann Coulter strikes again!

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Gay Child Porno Perv Gets Plea Deal

Are we surprised that the San Francisco gay activist, Larry Brinkin, is getting off with a mild slap on the wrist after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography?  Nope, not at all.  The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Brinkin pleaded guilty to one felony count of distributing child pornography as part of his plea deal with prosecutors.

Brinkin Mug Shot

Never heard of Larry Brinkin?  That’s also not a big surprise.  Anytime one of the Left’s own dear darlings is found doing something criminally nasty, especially if one of their crud ball creeps is a member of a special ‘victim’ group, the progressive media buries the incriminating news story under piles of politically correct crap.

Well, here’s a little background on the great gay leader who will now serve only six months in jail and six months on home detention for taking part in a child pornography ring.  The Lesbian Conservative blogged about this piece of dirt back in June 2012.

Larry Brinkin, a big name in the gay community in that progressive enclave known as San Francisco, has been arrested for child pornography.  Since the 1970s, Mr. Brinkin has been very active in all the politically correct circles in the Bay area, making a name for himself with women’s rights, civil rights, anti-war demonstrations, and all that gay liberation political paraphernalia.  Good old gay Larry, that well-known, well-loved crusader for THE PEOPLE, who until 2010 was a member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, was carted away in handcuffs for possession of photographs depicting the sodomizing of children and babies.   But it gets even worse….

This creep’s emails were found to contain images of babies as young as a year old being sodomized and forced to perform oral sex on adult males.  Mr. Brinkin provided graphic commentary on the photos of interracial adult-child sex.  Comments included: “I loved especially the nigger 2-year old getting nailed.  Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond bitch is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy!  White Dick Rules!”

According to the San Francisco Police Department, Brinkin used the email address: zack3737@aol.com.  If you Google this address and do a little searching, you’ll find that the owner of this email account liked to cruise an internet child porn site called Loliwood which specializes in sexual fantasy stories involving children and babies.

Here are a couple of zack3737′s comments about several of the stories posted at Loliwood.  I won’t provide the link to this disgusting site but you can find it quick enough.

Letter to a Pedophile:  very hot story.  love pedos communicating their sick pervert desires and experiences and fantasies to each other. rougher and more brutal the better, and the younger the cunt the better too. thanks!

Punishing the Preteen Sluts: very hot story. especially love the experienced brutal rapists offering to beat and rape the little cunts.  hope you’ll do more — younger and rougher the better.

Notes on a Preteen Porn Star: very hot nasty story. stupid amber getting stupid for dick. using tiny cunts at the dump, making little ones fuck toys for pedo studs. more! more!

Kiddy Porn Ring: very hot fuckin story.  love toddler cunt used by big nasty dick.

Knowing that this piece of gay garbage is basically getting off scot-free is infuriating.  We can only hope that Larry Brinkin will meet with a few well-deserved accidents during his 6-month stint in prison.

*Special thanks to one of my lesbian followers of The Lesbian Conservative for forwarding the Brinkin sentencing update to me.

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Of Wendy Davis, Feminism, and Male-Minimizing

It certainly does a Democrat body good to be sucked up into the whirlwind of political rough-housing where phony personal resumes of romanticized goodness and glory are whipped away in a flash by the simple act of checking a few of the manufactured facts.

Wendy of Peter Pan

Ms. Wendy Davis, Democrat gubernatorial candidate for the state of Texas and poster princess for the Planned Parenthood approach to population control, has been telling a few tall tales about her personal journey through life, but hey, what’s a few feminist fables when there’s an election to win and a destructive ideology to foster.  The Wendy Bird (see Peter Pan) and her sad saga of poverty, personal struggle, and then her ultimate I-Did-It-On-My-Own victory, fell to earth on Sunday when the Dallas Morning News shot down her flight of fancy.

Davis was 21, not 19, when she was divorced.  She lived only a few months in the family mobile home while separated from her husband before moving into an apartment with her daughter.

A single mother working two jobs, she met Jeff Davis, a lawyer 13 years older than her, married him and had a second daughter. He paid for her last two years at Texas Christian University and her time at Harvard Law School, and kept their two daughters while she was in Boston. When they divorced in 2005, he was granted parental custody, and the girls stayed with him. Wendy Davis was directed to pay child support.

These little white lies are the icing on the cake that many of us like to spread onto our personal narratives.  But when you’re a politician running for a major office and when you’ve painted your face with the false stage makeup of I-Did-It-On-My-Own feminism, well, those little lifestyle fibs take on a brand new significance.  Whinging Wendy had the following comment about the Dallas Morning News story, basically blaming her political opponent for the surfacing of unsavory contradictions.

“We’re not surprised by Greg Abbott’s campaign attacks on the personal story of my life as a single mother who worked hard to get ahead,” she said. “But they won’t work, because my story is the story of millions of Texas women who know the strength it takes when you’re young, alone and a mother.”

So this slick chick is doubling down on the struggling single mother meme even though her so-called working class battle ended very quickly when she married a well-to-do older man with a big bank account.  Her second husband, Mr. Jeff Davis, an attorney, paid for the last two years of I-Want-It-All Wendy’s undergraduate degree and then paid for her Harvard law degree in addition to footing the bill for her living accommodations while in Boston.

Today, one year at Harvard Law School costs $52,350 in tuition and an estimated $26,495 for dormitory and overall living expenses.  The grand total for 3 years at Harvard (assuming no tuition or cost of living increases) is now $236,535.  Mr. Davis cashed in his 401k and took out loans in order to support his wife’s single-minded egotistical focus.  And don’t forget, while this Paragon of Personal Choice pursued her ambitions, Mr. Davis was caring for their daughter and the Wendy Bird’s child from her previous marriage.  Interestingly, this poor guy got dumped right after he made the final tuition payment to Harvard Law School. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left,” Jeff Davis told the Morning News.

Some folks might refer to Mister Jeff Davis as a Sugar Daddy or simply as a silly schmoe who got taken in by an ambitious gold-digger.  Well, maybe that’s what the War-on-Women Wendy took him for—as her financial jump-start to the big time in Texas.  After all, her husband not only paid for her Ivy League education, he also got her going with her law career, using his professional contacts to open doors for her.  But I prefer to tag Mr. Davis with the titles he truly deserves: Devoted Husband and Loving Father.  If there are any epithets to be tossed around here, it’s Weasel Wendy who should bear the brunt of them.

Which brings us to the War-on-Women and that feminist invocation of utter independence and self-reliance: A Woman Needs a Man like a Fish Needs a Bicycle.  In Windy Wendy’s case, a professional man with a bank account certainly came in pretty darn handy for achieving that big step up in life.  And it seems that men, especially high-achieving Alpha males, figure big time in the lives of such tough stand-on-their-own-two-feet feminist icons like Leave-em-Bleedin Clinton, Wampum Warren, and Plastic-Face Pelosi, three pretentious progressive madams who condemn the supposed patriarchal power structure while living out their financially well-to-do lives within the safe and secure context of male-supported and male-enabled success.  These Tootsies don’t stand on their own feminine feet and never have.  And they sure didn’t pull themselves up by their non-existent bootstraps—no need, for a familial male, whether husband, father, or ancestral Daddy did all the dirty work for them.  So when you sniff the strong smell of fish out of water, don’t be surprised—it’s only the paraphyletic feminists riding atop those state-of-the-art, peddle-driven vehicles all designed and built by those pesky old boys.

As a lesbian, I too have engaged in some of the same male-minimizing nonsense. After all, lesbians are supposed to be living in their women-loving-women world, where all the dyke sisters dance around the campfires in celebration of their carefree, out-of-context, estrogen-soaked sorority.  But in reality, yes back to reality, without men, us sisters wouldn’t have a pot to piss in when it comes to that silly little thing called civilization.  Like all women, we live our lives on the backs of a mostly male-created and male-maintained world of industry, technology, and scientific advancements.  Sorry girls, but biology really does mean business.

The feminist fairy tale proclaiming the fiction that gender is simply a cultural construct and that women are equal to or superior to men in all things is utterly laughable.  And framing men as either patriarchal bullies or pathetic Peter Pans thwarting the great and glorious goals of woman-kind is an old and crusty canard indeed.  Instead of pretending they got what they got all by their lonesome, these femme-fatalities need to acknowledge that they would never have made it to the top without the money, love, loyalty, and emotional support of MEN.

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Happy New Year! It’s 2014!

My gosh, how time flies.  Once again, we are left to rummage through the remains of one year while wistfully contemplating the vagaries of the next.  Well, whatever ups and downs your dogged spirit might have mastered during these preceding 12 months, here’s wishing you and yours an even more fearless and fruitful new year.


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Father Phil Comes Home to Duck Dynasty

A&E finally came to the obvious conclusion yesterday that Phil Robertson and his Duck Dynasty family represented a much better investment for corporate financial prosperity than a nasty non-profit with an aggressive hate-filled conformity agenda.


Of course, A&E’s decision to ‘reinstate’ their biggest money-maker has made the little boys and the few token little girls at good old GLAAD very unhappy indeed.  Having ridden the big surf of political correctness for years now and having successfully boogie-boarded across those seemingly endless waves of corporate kow-towing, GLAAD is now finding itself floundering in an acid drop of public froth and derision.

And what is fueling the backlash against GLAAD is the out-and-out gall of this pseudo respectable pressure group in suggesting that Phil Robertson should undergo a little re-education, just a little cock-on-cock consciousness-raising for the oh so outspoken man of God.  Well, maybe it’s time for GLAAD and all its gay groupies to do some deep soul-searching of their own. But such an existential ponder for the preening pricks of GLAAD would pose a bit of a pickle.  You see, just like all the hate crime hoaxers and their cooked-up crimes, including the Matthew Shepard scammers, GLAAD must constantly validate its victim-hood status.  Screaming Hate! because a TV personality tells a magazine that homosexuality is a sin is simply how GLAAD earns its living.  Peddling conformity under the guise of tolerance is business-as-usual for the Hate Hustling Industry.

I also believe that the lynch mob mentality adopted by many gays when it comes to criticism is simply a defensive mechanism in response to their own self-doubts.  Total acquiescence to the gay is perfectly normal meme must be demanded and the mantra endlessly repeated by all and sundry lest a still and soft contrary voice be heard within their own psyches.

So when a public personality pokes fun at or pokes holes in the gay is good agenda, the self-righteous indignation voiced by many homosexuals is often nothing more than the manifestation of a loud-mouthed psychological insecurity.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, One and All

Old Fashioned Christmas

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The Perfect Christmas Gift: Buy Her a Gun

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like Concealed Carry

Concealed CarryThere’s just something about a woman’s hands wrapped around a gun.  I know we’re not supposed to say that….I know we’re supposed to focus on the serious side of handgun use, and of course, the toting topic is nothing to scoff at….and it goes without saying that no one, positively no one, should buy or use a handgun without the proper safety training….and yes, the very nature of concealed carry is a tremendous responsibility, but….

Having said all of that, I also have to say—my god, there is something so tremendously sexy about a woman with a gun.  You can’t even see the woman in the photo above, just her hands, and sweet holy mother, it is an absolute turn on!

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Gay ObamaCare Enrollment Video Features Crotches and Asses

Just when you thought the Obama Administration couldn’t get anymore obtuse and downright insulting in its sleazy manipulation of the gay community, out comes the Health and Human Services’ stereotypic depiction of young gay men prancing around in skimpy underwear as they check out each other’s wanton wares.

Take a gander at the ObamaCare Out2Enroll video and its BathHouse brazenness produced by an outfit called A Full Frontal Freedom Production.  Gee, are we surprised?

And are the Asian chicks supposed to be the token Lesbians in this soft porn piece of silly Cockarama?  Or are they just the fag hags?  At least the Log Cabin Republicans are loudly voicing their angry opposition.

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Duck Dynasty Rules!

America has spoken and Cracker Barrel, the gift shop and restaurant chain with a Southern theme, has listened.  After yanking Duck Dynasty products from their store shelves in a knee-jerk reaction to the typical Gay Gestapo tactics, Cracker Barrel saw the monetary light.  Their Twitter feed this morning offered up the following announcement:

We made a mistake, we listened to you, and we apologize. products are back in our stores.


This incident just goes to show how much mighty muscle the silent majority can really flex when it wants to.  The Duck Dynasty Debacle is a prime example of why we shouldn’t be overwhelmed or intimidated by all the Sturm und Drang churned out by the Left-wing Media—it’s the deeper currents of the cultural ocean that will slowly move America in the Right direction.

I also heard that Walmart is selling out of Duck Dynasty products faster than they can restock their shelves.  Hooray!

Gay Offense Meter

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A Yuletide List of Blessings and Blunders

As we approach the close of yet another year, let us ponder the communal chaos that has shaped our daily lives these past twelve power-packed months.  And as we poke through the mound of political and cultural debris, let us not get discouraged nor put ourselves out of sorts.  For on closer observation, so much that is passing for liberal solid gold is nothing more than a bunch of worthless Democrat dross dubbed with a dint of lemon yellow tint.

Here are just a couple of highlights from 2013 that crossed my mind, a collage of cultural ups and downs mixed with political plusses along with a minus or two.


  • Obamacare stumbled upon the American healthcare stage sporting its not-ready-for-prime-time bare-assed assets of arrogance and hype.  And like all progressive models of moralizing big government monstrosities, this piece of Supreme Court sanctioned slap-stick simultaneously damned and delighted the American people with its feckless failures.

  • The Republican Party, that once-upon-a-time political mainstay for Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, continued its moronic march toward utter irrelevance and ineptitude as it placated its Beltway Buddies while ignoring its base.

  • Vladimir Putin showed all those silly hands-across-the-seas simpletons here in the good old USA that a wind-up Affirmative Action Doll from Academia was no mental match for a hard-nosed, KGB-trained, geopolitical, kick-ass strategist.

  • Lesbian Hustlers who attempted to gain prima-donna victim status as the helpless heroines of heterosexual ‘hate’, concocted evil accusations against innocent folks.  But one by one these pathetic losers were exposed as nothing more than attention-seeking, criminally dysfunctional and very stupid dykes.

  • Rush Limbaugh, that radio Talk Show paragon who has spent a lifetime seemingly oblivious to the correlation between politics and culture, finally took a personal whack at the Arts and Entertainment industry by writing a best-selling Children’s book about our American Pilgrims’ Progress.

  • Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus proved that turning oneself into a skanky slag is the only way for a female vocalist to make it big in the modern-day music business.  All that simulated sex just to sing a song.  Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Patti Page, Patsy Cline, Connie Frances, Sarah Vaughn—WE NEED YOU!

  • The Tea Party versus the IRS gave us a big time peek into the bureaucratic world of progressive-dominated government and its illegal use of political power.  But it also showed that Conservatives were finally getting in on the Non-Profit action and thus alarming the Lefties.  Better late than never.

  • The Gay Pander Parade continued its self-congratulatory course as Media and Corporate Crotch-Lickers climbed all over themselves in their rush to proclaim the Ain’t I Hip mantra.  These phony baloney WeatherCock supporters of all things gay preen themselves on their newly found profit-driven and risk-averse tolerance touting.  But we all know it only takes a slight shift in the cultural winds and these two-faced suck-up artists would start blowing their bucks up the backside of the Family Research Council.

  • The Emperor has No Clothes was the climactic revelation of the Year 2013.  The fairy tale character of Barack Obama and his magic mantle of unearned Ivy League legitimacy had blanketed him with imagined reams of intelligence and integrity.  But that non-existent weave of wool pulled over the hooded eyes of the naive and downright gullible got yanked by a repeated lie encased in just nine little arrogant words: If you like your plan, you can keep it.  It never occurred to any of the Obama faithful that this jumped-up presidential fraud was declaring that government would allow them to keep their health plan if they liked it.  Individual choice conferred by fiat.  Welcome to Progressivism.

Certainly, no crystal ball could have divined the stunning reversals faced by Obama and his inept administration.  So 2014 should prove to be, shall we say, a very interesting upcoming year.  Let’s enjoy.

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Winter Solstice 2013

And the Year Turns Once Again….

winter_solstice-1Happy Winter Solstice!

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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary

This Thanksgiving week also marks the 4-year anniversary of The Lesbian Conservative.   Thanks to everyone out there in Internet space who has loyally followed my blog through all the political thick and thin.

Have a great Holiday Weekend!


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The 50th Anniversary of the Death of C. S. Lewis

As media hacks bring out all the bells and whistles in their eager efforts to reinvent, re-frame, and then endlessly regurgitate the phony Camelot image of our 35th President (while studiously ignoring the Left-wing, Communist credentials of his assassin) let us turn away from such flimsy paper-mache portraits and ponder instead the honest persona of a humble soul who needs no public relations campaign to hawk his authenticity.

C. S. Lewis (November 29, 1898 – November 22, 1963), academic, essayist, theologian, literary critic, and acute observer of the pluses and pitfalls of modern life, is best known for his series of fantasy tales compiled under the title The Chronicles of Narnia.  But the crème de la crème of C. S. Lewis is to be found in his apologetic essays addressing moral and philosophical questions facing our pretentious post-God era.  Lewis, like several of his contemporaries, was well aware of the tyrannical impulses lurking in the breast of the scientific beast barking out eternal ‘truths’ with supposedly only the welfare of humankind in mind.

Following is an excellent presentation of Lewis’ views on our cultural rush to worship the golden calf of science.  The secular messianic message eagerly grabbed at by modern-day oh-so-hip-and-with-it citizens just goes to show that despite the passage of many millennia, the human race hasn’t really changed much at all.

Scientist: The Magician’s Twin

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber-barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber-baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated.  But those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.   C. S. Lewis

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Veterans Day and the Price of Freedom

For one day, let’s ignore the greedy gimme-gimme and where’s mine minions of our 21st century entitlement world and focus on the men and women who have given this nation their blood and guts.

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You Lie! Congressman Joe Wilson Got It Right

Remember plucky Joe Wilson, the South Carolina Congressman who shouted the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from the political peanut gallery during Obama’s healthcare speech to Congress back in September 2009?  And remember how Joltin Joe was castigated and downright demonized, by Republicans and Democrats alike, for daring to declare in just two little words the complete sum total of the chameleon character standing at the podium?

Now here we are in November of 2013 and so much Democrat debris has washed along under that battered bridge of fakery and fraud, making Joe Wilson’s spontaneous outburst back in 09 look less like a moment of impropriety and more like a flash of prophetic brilliance.

You Lie!

Oh, and by the way, Joe Wilson’s political career is doing quite well, thank you very much.  He ran for reelection unopposed in 2012 and received 96% of the vote.

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Conservative Lesbians: A Basic Primer

Conservative lesbians….oh what a mystery we be to the very uninformed and the conscientiously ill-informed.  So to help clear up some of the mindless malarkey (and to do a little public promoting of my blog) I created a short 3-minute video on Youtube to help counter some of the silly misconceptions.  I hope you enjoy Conservative Lesbians: A Basic Primer.

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What If You Gave a Shut-Down and Nobody Cared?

Three little words: Essential Government Services.  Now there’s a political puzzler if ever there was one.  Just what are those essential government services provided by those farmyard fascists of our federal bureaucracy? And why, she asks pointedly, are the put-upon taxpayers footing the bill for all the non-essential ones?

animal-farmCertainly Obamacare must be a Non-Essential Service since it seems nigh unto impossible to sign-up for this governmental grab bag at the Health Insurance Marketplace.  When I attempted to check out the application process, I was first treated to a message ordering me to wait, as there were a lot of visitors to the website.  After about 3 minutes, I was presented with another message: The System is Down at the Moment.  For the past two hours, I have tried several times to get past the first step in the sign-up process but apparently Our Dear Daddy’s Healthcare Utopian Extravaganza is still unavailable.  Hmmm, I wonder if the traffic jam is caused by actual applicants eager to enroll or by those curious non-customers just cruising the site?

The Washington Post this morning has taken note of all the Obamacare sign-up glitches that are occurring, but the devout apostles of progressivism are roiling back in defense of Our Dear Daddy and his government-is-best beatitude.

One commenter, however, who managed to complete an application on his state’s health exchange website had an interesting observation to make in response to Signing Up for Obamacare.

As a small business owner who provides some semblance of health insurance to my employees, I was excited to check out my options this morning.  The problem is — it isn’t that simple.

The exchange won’t show you any pricing or options at all until you create an account and fill out an application, and then I saw this:

“Complete all the required fields in the employer application.  An agent or broker who has signed a privacy and security agreement with the Marketplace can help you complete the application.”

So it doesn’t appear that I can anonymously shop prices and policies.  I need to create an account and give them all sorts of information, then work with an insurance agent or broker to see any prices.  It wasn’t clear if they would give my information out to agents, or if I was supposed to contact them myself.  I tried the marketplace for individuals and wasn’t able to get pricing easily either.

Maybe my expectations were too ambitious, but I was under the impression that I would put in some basic information (age and family, size of employees) and be presented with options and pricing.

An expectation of privacy, an expectation that pricing information would be honestly presented for the public to peruse….gee, one has to chuckle at the naiveté of supposedly intelligent people.  Congratulations, pal, your personal information has just been shared with an anonymous third-party without your expressed consent, but not to worry, for certainly, Our Dear Daddy knows best.

As for the rest of America and its ability to survive a federal bureaucratic shut-down….well, the Chicken Little Lefties would have us believe that the civilized world is coming to an end.  But not to worry—Al Gore’s global warming will certainly kill us first.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest man-made social justice soap opera.

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Matthew Shepard Murder—Not a Hate Crime After All

Matthew ShepardThe Gay Hate Crime Industry has been hitting more than a few bum-busting chuckholes of late as it steamrolls its way along that pricey 5th Avenue of incorporated, six-figure salary-making non-profit potboilers. From one manufactured fraud to another, the Gay Hate Hustlers have had their tatty victim-hood credentials soiled and sullied by an embarrassing array of gay hate hoaxes.  And now it would appear that the very icon of gay victim-hood, the poster boy for martyred homoerotic innocence, will be unmasked as just another sordid casualty of his own criminal lifestyle.

Stephen Jimenez is the author of The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard that will be released on September 24th.  Jimenez’s book, the title of which aptly portrays the evangelical fervor surrounding the murky mystique of Matthew Shepard, will outline some very unsavory facts about the boy-man martyr used by Gay Inc. as their political Jesus Christ.

The Gay Gospel of Matt would have the world believe that this poor unassuming boy stumbled into a hetero bar and innocently began chatting with two ‘straight’ men.  The two ‘straight’ dudes then took this little naive kid for a whirlwind ride in their big bad Red Neck pick-up truck with the intention of brutally killing poor Matty for simply being gay. Messiah Matt meanwhile thought he had found a little bit of male-on-male comfort to get him through that cold winter’s night.

Well, Mr. Jimenez has done his homework and after extensive research has come to some very heretical conclusions:

  • Matthew Shepard was a drug dealer selling Methamphetamines to the small town masses.

  • Matthew Shepard and the two men now serving life sentences for murdering him, were often seen together in a gay bar in Denver long before the night of his murder.

  • Matthew Shepard and one of his assailants had been friends and sexual partners and the two had engaged in a ménage à trois with the other assailant.

  • The two men who murdered Shepard had assaulted three other people while messed up on Meth.

  • The murder of Matthew Shepard was a falling out among druggies and sex-buddies over a Meth stash.

Here’s a little blurb about the author, Stephen Jimenez, from Amazon:

Stephen Jimenez is an award-winning journalist, writer and producer. He was a 2012 Norman Mailer Nonfiction Fellow and has written and produced programs for ABC News 20/20, Dan Rather Reports, Nova, Fox, Court TV and others. His accolades include the Writers Guild of America Award, the Mongerson Award for Investigative Reporting, an Emmy, and fellowships at the Ucross Foun­dation in Wyoming. A graduate of Georgetown University, he has taught screen­writing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and other colleges. He lives in New York and Santa Fe.

The Advocate offers a pretty even-handed review of Jimenez’s upcoming book.  The comment section for the review also offers an interesting range of opinions on this hate crime hoax.  As you’ll see, not every queer, whether in or out of the closet, walks in lockstep with the greedy guys and gals of Gay Inc.

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Barack Obama: The Emily Litella of our Time

After all the blustering bullshit about those nasty weapons of mass destruction used by the cruel Syrian dictator against his own people, after all the political pumping and preening by Obama, Kerry, and the RINO retards, all insisting that America must mightily whack the crap out of Mr. Al-Asad by using the smallest, most ineffectual military strike these clowns could muster, we now have the obvious outcome of a befuddled foreign policy sadly slapped together like a Saturday Night Live comedy skit.

Emily Litella Says: NeverMind

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9/11: Never Forget!


Never Forget

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Blow Jobbers Nabbed at Valley Forge Park

Cruise ShipToday’s trip to Valley Forge Park proved a very eventful one as I found myself an eyewitness to a Park Service sting operation conducted at the Varnum’s Picnic Area located on Route 23.  As my readers will remember from a previous post entitled Valley Forge Park and the Blow Job Jamboree, many of the parking areas and public restrooms at the VF national historic site have become infested with the skulking scum of anonymous sex-seekers searching for blow jobs and bum-butting services.  The remains of their disgusting dalliances can be found in the woods, the parking lots, the bathrooms, and along the walking trails.

Well, it seems that the Park Service has finally decided to crack down on the cruising cocksuckers and today’s operation netted them three shiny exemplars of personal hygiene and high moral standards.  Here’s my eyewitness account of what happened at around 12:30 this Friday afternoon as I was enjoying my lunch while parked in a nice shady area listening to Rush Limbaugh.

As I nibbled my gourmet McDonald’s entrée, I noted the usual solo male activity that simply plagues this pretty picnic spot seven days a week—one vehicle after another cruising through the lot searching the parked cars and pick-up trucks looking to spot another guy all on his own.  This cruising activity is so blatant that anyone spending more than a half hour in the lot can easily figure out what’s going on.  The dead giveaways are threefold: the recurring drive-through at about 5 or 10-minute intervals to check out any potential male meat that might be lurking; the cars/pick-ups backed into parking spaces skirting the woods giving the occupants a clear view of all incoming dickheads; and the blatant parking lot walk-around or should I say strut-around to parade the unattractive corporeal mass attached to the moldering member ever ready to spring from its pants.

I watched as a red pick-up, which had cruised through the lot twice before, finally parked along the brush area bordering the woods.  With his window rolled down, this guy blatantly stared at the occupant of a flatbed truck that had backed into a space caddy-corner from his pick-up.  Initially, I thought the truck driver, who was sitting in a company vehicle with his employer’s name emblazoned on the doors and a full load of landscaping material as cargo, had just pulled in to eat his lunch before getting back on the road.  Well, he was there to eat his lunch all right, but something other than a ham sandwich was on the menu.  After sitting under the glutinous gaze of the Red Pick-Up for several minutes, the truck driver climbed out of his rig and headed down into the woods.  The Red Pick-Up then got out of his vehicle and walked away along one of the brush paths bordering the woods.

Then yet another meat seeker, who had been discreetly parked some distance away from the cruise zone, exited his high-end model car and headed for the picnic tables in the opposite direction of the path taken by the other two pervs. This see-through maneuver is a standard dodge used by these creeps to make it seem they’re just taking a little stroll and not zeroing in on their target.  After their cocksucking session, each goes their separate way making sure they arrive back at the parking lot from opposite directions.

After about a 15-minute interval, I saw a man coming up through the woods headed toward the flatbed truck.  I assumed it was its driver on the way back to work after his queer quickie in the park.  But as the man emerged from the foliage his Park Service uniform made me realize that something was up other than the putrefied penises of these trolling dirtbags.  Where the heck had this Park ranger come from??  There had been a patrol car that had cruised through the lot a couple of times before the pervs showed up but that was routine police procedure for the Valley Forge Park Guards.

So as I continued to watch, another cop/ranger emerged from the woods and then another.  All of a sudden, two patrol cars came screeching into the lot lights flashing, one parking alongside the flatbed truck, the other zooming behind the red pick-up.  About 6 to 8 rangers flooded the area, some marching down into the woods, some jotting down license plate numbers.  Finally, the flatbed truck driver came trudging up to his rig escorted by officers and holding what I assumed was a citation/summons.  Then the high-end model car meat chaser also came out of the woods and he too was carrying a summons.  Red Pick-Up was still unaccounted for when I finally gave up my vantage point and headed out for more uplifting pursuits.

The Gay Community sidesteps this lawbreaking health-hazardous behavior by claiming that it’s straight married men who do all the public cruising, not gay men.  Well, we could have a long-winded discussion about why anyone would describe a man who consistently seeks man-on-man anonymous sex as straight.   And we could ask why gay community groups and publications would bother to broadcast the locations of public cruising zones for their gay devotees if the only cocksuckers showing up for the public sex parties are the ‘straight’ ones.  But then such discussions would only confuse the problem with actual facts, and as we know, facts are verboten when addressing the foibles of America’s gay divas.

It’s quite reassuring to know that the Park Service is taking this criminal activity seriously.  But handing out citations isn’t going to effectively fix the problem.  But hey, thanks for the effort, Park Service.

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