Romney’s Campaign Bus Blows By Obama

While the Bag of Never Ending Wind, aka Barack Obama, was preparing to deliver yet another big yawn of a teleprompted campaign speech in Cleveland, Ohio today, the Romney campaign bus did a few victory laps around the assembled Obama supporters honking its horn as the driver taunted the opposition.

Conservative – Businessman – Leader

Oh, I am lovin it!  Just a little bit of in your face, just a little bit of butt waving in Barry’s direction.  I’ll say it again—This Ain’t Your McCain Campaign!

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6 Responses to Romney’s Campaign Bus Blows By Obama

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    From a mutt to a Mitt! :-D

  2. Mary Posey says:

    Really? OMG I love it too! We drove by a small group, 3-4 people on a busy corner the other night in Palo Alto who were holding signs, that said “We are the 99%”, and they looked pathetic. I can only hope that is what the Obama supporters looked like :-) I am waving my butt!

    • Ain’t it glorious! The ‘peoples’ revolution that was supposed to be the Van Jones’ counter to the Tea Party turns out to be a ragtag bunch of losers. That calls for some definite butt waving.

  3. Paula says:

    No shit!? Funny!

    Hey I saw the first Romney bumper sticker today. It’s starting! Think I’ll get one so libs will chase me around angrily as they did when I had a Palin and what’s his name decal on my car a few bad years ago. Wait, a rainbow Mitt sticker?!

    • I’ve seen ‘Defeat Obama’ stickers in the back and side windows of a Hyundai. The emotional momentum is definitely on our side of the political fence this time around.

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